(Video) Michael Phelps Offers Inside Look at the Olympic Training Center

Photo Courtesy: Brooke Wright

Yesterday Michael Phelps did another Facebook Live Q&A with his fans, giving them a unique look at the Olympic Training Center.

He gave it his first try last week and was bombarded with questions about upcoming fatherhood and the start of altitude training.

This week, Phelps continually remarked that he was not getting asked questions, so he turned to his training partners instead. Chase Kalisz asked about Phelps’ Call of Duty habits during his time at altitude. Allison SchmittConor Dwyer, and Bob Bowman also made appearances.

Fans got to see the pool, the walk to the dining hall, and an inside look at Phelps’ dinner last night.

Once he figured out his technical difficulties, Phelps answered fan questions about growing out his beard, his favorite events, and the intensity of workouts in Colorado Springs.

Watch the video here:


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    Amy tylutki

    How many medals are you going for in rio?