13 Weird Objects That Have Been Found in the Pool

Photo Courtesy: Andy Ross

13 Weird Objects That Have Been Found in the Pool

Picture this: you’re swimming along during practice minding your own business when suddenly, you become entangled in a web of an unidentified object floating by. You have no idea where it came from and thrash around trying to free yourself from the big hairy monster. Such is life for a swimmer.

Weird objects are always found in pools, no matter the location. Swimming World asked some athletes what the weirdest things they’ve seen in the pool were. Here are 13 of their responses. Feel free to add your sightings in the comments.

1. Austin, 20

Photo Courtesy: Samuel Wolfl

“When I was in middle school the high schoolers on my club team made Stonehenge out of bricks at the bottom.”

2. Susan, 19

Photo Courtesy: fietzfotos

“A frog on the bottom of the pool was fun.”

3. Evan, 19

Photo Courtesy: Public Domain Pictures

“An iguana!”

4. Sarah, 19

Photo Courtesy: msumuh

“Dora the Explorer bandaid.”

5. Nathan, 19

Photo Courtesy: Egor Kamelev

“I have vivid memories of fishing frogs out of the pool. It was a pain, because they were so hard to catch.”

6. Ani, 20

Photo Courtesy: Michael Kropiewnicki

“Cicada corpse!”

7. Missy, 18

Photo from Dani Navarrete (2)
Photo Courtesy: Grace Gutierrez

“An easy-up tent.”

8. Kelsey, 21

Photo Courtesy: MabelAmber

“A trash can full of trash. It made the water yellow.”

9. Jeff, 18

Photo Courtesy: Pixabay

“Ducks came and swam in the pool during one of our practices.”

10. Kerry, 18

Photo Courtesy: Bruno Scramgnon

“One time I swam through a bag of grapes.”

11. Rachel, 20

Photo Courtesy: LauraTara

“A dead raccoon.”

12. Fallon, 19

Photo Courtesy: Aurora Blackwell

“A four rack bleacher and a huge lifeguard stand.”

13. Victoria, 21

Photo Courtesy: Tawnyowl

“Maybe like a salamander or a newt. I don’t know.”

What’s the weirdest object you’ve encountered in the water during practice?

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  1. Lukas Menkhoff

    Ryan Drover when you find the set at the bottom of the pool

  2. Matt Hanna

    We found a dishwasher in the deep end of the pool one morning… yes, a dishwasher. The whole machine.

  3. avatar

    An egg

  4. Christopher Bonham

    We had old tractor tires in our pool once, and another time the bleachers.

  5. Diane Pavelin

    I remember reading that back in the ’60’s when Sherm Chavoor coached at Arden Hills, he’d have to fish gophers out of the pool before the girls would get in.

  6. Marie Moffitt

    I have a friend whose husband coached the Olympic track team for an Asian country. One of the jobs of the swim coach was chasing alligators out of t he pool before practice started.

  7. avatar
    Nora Schroedter

    We found a TV one morning at the bottom…

  8. Amy Lynn

    In West Seattle, WA there is an outdoor long course pool on the beach along Puget Sound. Coleman Pool. Saltwater is treated and used in the pool. It isn’t uncommon to find little sea creatures in there. Like a tiny crab or something. I believe the sea life is introduced by the swimmers or maybe the creatures sneak in. You have to walk along the beach about a mile to get to practice.

    • avatar
      David Zimmerman

      That was going to be my submission. (I loved practicing at Colman.). I think people toss the crabs from the beach.

  9. avatar

    A dead frog. The 6 and under group kept stopping to monitor it. My daughter sent me a picture of an owl in their gutter it held up practice for an hour finding someone to get it out safely

  10. Colleen Hazlett

    Lizards, snakes, mice would get stuck in the gutter until morning practice and we’d get them out, clear contact lens, ear plug (my own), dogs, water polo goals on the bottom, pool cover reels, the lane line wrench you spent twenty minutes looking for at the end of practice.

  11. Rick Stanfield

    Way back in my day, off was first in at daylight because I had a real job. It was me and the June bugs!!!!

  12. avatar

    Scoreboard (Coral Springs, FL)
    Ice (chiller broke at North Shore Pool, FL)
    Tropical Storm (North Shore Pool, FL in the 90’s)
    Water bottles thrown in the pool
    Water bugs (or pinchers)

  13. avatar

    Once I showed up for morning practice at 5:00am to find the pool closed for some sort of maintenance issue. Turns out someone who was really mad at the lifeguards for some reason hopped the fence in the middle of the night and threw everything that was on the pool deck into the pool. Kickboards, buoys, lifeguard chairs and all.

  14. Ildiko Morris

    Frogs. My fastest free style on those days( can’t handle those slimy creatures )

    • Stella Matthews

      Julie yep I’ve had a few of them including code browns 🤢🤮 and the funniest was getting the ducks out before we could get in hahah

    • Milena Babic

      Ryley Eckert do you remember when the dolphins would just appear??? Man, they really took up a lot of the lane, made it difficult for me to do my 3rd leg to the best of my ability

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