Michael Andrew Out-Touches Nathan Adrian in 50 Free in Atlanta

Photo Courtesy: Peter H. Bick

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Men’s 50 Free

18-year old Michael Andrew had all jets firing during finals of the men’s 50 free, splashing past sprinting stalwart Nathan Adrian to claim the gold. Andrew posted a 21.93 for gold; a time that doubles as the second fastest time in the world for 2018, behind Great Britain’s Benjamin Proud and his time of 21.52.

Adrian finished second overall with a time of 22.09, a shy .01 seconds off his time of 22.08 from the Austin stop of the TYR Pro Swim Series.

Vladimir Morozov, representing Trojan Swim Club, claimed a close third with a time of 22.11, while Andrii Govorov took fourth with a 22.34.

Brazil’s Bruno Fratus took fifth in finals with a time of 22.51, followed by Marcelo Chierighini’s time of 22.69.

Argentina’s Guido Buscaglia and Club Aquatique’s Mehdi Ayoubi were seventh and eighth with times of 22.82 and 23.14 respectively.

                            === A - Final ===                            
  1 Michael Andrew   18 Race Pace Club      22.16      21.93   866  
  2 Nathan Adrian    29 California Aquat    22.46      22.09   848  
  3 Vladimir Morozo  25 Trojan Swim Club    22.74      22.11   845  
  4 Andrii Govorov   25 Arilson Silva       22.65      22.34   819  
  5 Bruno Fratus     28 Coral Springs Sw    22.50      22.51   801  
  6 Marcelo Chierig  27 Tiger Elite Raci    22.60      22.69   782  
  7 Guido Buscaglia  21 Argentina           22.69      22.82   769  
  8 Mehdi Ayoubi     19 Club Aquatique      22.99      23.14   737  


  1. Mike Wallace

    Was a great race-love our Kansas kid

  2. Amanda Lennex

    Congrats Michael Andrew!!

  3. Emy Moreu

    Adriel Natan

  4. Anson Lau

    Yang Jiachuan

  5. Lyn Morris

    Wow, way to go Michael !

  6. Bennie Bouwer

    Good on you boy Now do the 100 You can nail the best 💪💪👌👌

  7. Cameron Narimanian

    Okay well… great job! But he still hasn’t made it in an olympics

  8. Sarah Grunhard

    Congrats from the Grunhard’s!