Marriott USMS Summer Nationals: 15 More Records Toppled on Last Day of Meet

OMAHA, Nebraska, July 8. KEVIN DOAK, Joy Ward, Betty Lorenzi and Steve West each lowered their third USMS or world record of the competition as the four-day USMS Summer Nationals wrapped up this afternoon. Eleven USMS records and four world records fell during today's session.

Mixed 120-159 200m Medley Relay
Phoenix Swim Club (Noriko Inada, Jeff Commings, Misty Hyman, Jose Ponce); 1:50.77 (USMS and world record)
*Previous USMS record 1:54.81, Dallas Aquatic Masters; previous world record 1:53.92, SV Wasserfreunde 1998

Men's 40-44 50m Breast
Steve West, 40, NOVA; 29.38 (USMS)
*Previous record 30.41, James Corbeau

Men's 60-64 50m Breast
Timothy Shead, 60, GOLD; 33.04 (USMS)
*Previous record 33.41, Robert Strand

Men's 65-69 50m Breast
Robert Strand, 66, ROSE; 34.66 (USMS)
*Previous record 35.00, Kenneth Frost

Women's 70-74 100m Back
Joy Ward, 70, OREG; 1:32.68 (USMS)
*Previous record 1:34.00, Joy Ward

Women's 85-89 100m Back
Betty Lorenzi, 85, FACT; 1:54.22 (world)
*Previous record 2:06.41, Bunny Cederland

Men's 65-69 100m Back
Hugh Wilder, 65, SRM; 1:09.79 (USMS and world)
*Previous records 1:11.32, Richard Burns

Women's 50-54 50m Fly
Lisa Dahl, 51, PNA; 30.34 (USMS)
*Previous record 30.72, Laura Val

Women's 60-64 50m Fly
Laura Val, 61, TAM; 32.27 (USMS)
*Previous record 32.81, Laura Val

Women's 70-74 50m Fly
Barbara Frid, 70, OREG; 40.81 (USMS)
*Previous record 41.26, Gail Roper

Men's 30-34 50m Fly
Kevin Doak, 31, MICH; 24.59 (USMS)
*Previous record 24.73, Oswald Quevedo

Men's 45-49 50m Fly
Nicholas Decker, 45, CAQM; 25.65 (USMS and world record)
*Previous records 25.90, Paul Smith