Logan Hirka Elevated to Arizona State Assistant Coach

Logan Hirka was elevated to an Arizona State assistant coach. Photo Courtesy: Arizona State Athletics

Arizona State Head Coach Bob Bowman announced the elevation of former volunteer assistant Logan Hirka on Thursday to an assistant coach.

“I am very grateful and excited for the opportunity to continue to work with such quality people, the athletic department staff, the coaches, and the swimmers, and to build upon the high standards that they have already set in place,” Logan Hirka said.

“Logan has been with us since the first day I got here, and he has been a student of the sport,” Bowman said. “He was at every practice of our Olympic prep group through our entire preparation for 2016, and he’s been at every collegiate practice observing, learning and studying the sport since I’ve been here.”

Hirka spent the last four years under Bowman at Arizona State, with titles ranging from undergraduate student manager to volunteer assistant to now assistant. The Virginia-native also helped Coach Bowman with on deck duties during meets as well as coaching Pitchfork Aquatics during the summertime.

Off the deck, he assisted with statistics, various paperwork and aided Coach Bowman with season plans and initiatives. Hirka balanced this with earning his Bachelor of Science in Neurobiology, Physiology and Behavior, finishing his degree in May 2018.

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