Letter To College Swimmers: 5 Things To Remember As Seasons Hang in Doubt

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Letter To College Swimmers: 5 Things To Remember As Seasons Hang in Doubt

By Leyre Casarin, Swimming World Intern

Dear Swimmers,

The time has almost come. A new year, and a new semester is about to start. With things changing every week, such as the Big Ten and Pac 12 announcing the suspension of all fall sports, nothing is sure. What should you do to stay motivated during this times?

1. Remember why you started.

This is the moment where you should think about why you started swimming, why you love it so much, and what it brings to you. Why swimming means so much for you? Make a list and remember that every day in order to stay mentally alive.

2. Remember that this is not the end

Harvard's Dean Farris practices during a swim meet between Columbia and Harvard Universities at Harvard College on Friday November 16, 2018. Photo by Joseph Prezioso

Photo Courtesy: Joseph Prezioso

This is only a delay, for those of you affected by various decisions. Your short-term goals should be adapted to the new situation, as well as your long-term goals. This is not the apocalypse but it is still a situation where you need to be careful about your safety. It is not something you should take superficially, yet it is something you should take as motivation to begin a new, re-adapted journey. Once you have goals in and out of the pool, nothing can stop you, even a pandemic. But make smart decisions!

3. Remember your goals

It is important to remember what you had in mind, what you were moving toward. The path can always change, but the goals are still there. Goals are a powerful tool and you can play with them toward your progress and then success.

4. Remember to stay connected with the present

The present has never changed so fast. Things are evolving and updating every day. It is hard to be in the moment, and be present. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by all the news, thus it’s very important to stay connected between what it is going on in the world and in your mind. It is like a hurricane coming every week. You need to be ready and steady, no matter what.

5. Remember to keep your thoughts positive

It can be tough to stay positive throughout consistent uncertainty. The fear of the unknown has always been an important topic. Focus on the things you know and can control. Isolate your useless worries which can bring you only anxiety, fear and negativity. Besides the fact that nothing is sure, you can still make plan A, B or C! You can still do your things, your swims, your practices, but always have more than one plan. In these quickly-evolving times, something can come up suddenly and the best way to handle it is to be ready and organized.

Dear Swimmers,

All of you are Swimmers with a capital S because you made until now despite this pandemic, the changing rules and the tons of announcements that seem not to stop. I wish you the best of luck for this new year. We do not like boring, do we? Make the best out of this. We may or may not have a season, but this is not the time to give up anything. This is the time to adjust and keep going.

Best scenario: We will have a sort of season and you will have the opportunity to show what you worked for. Worst scenario: The season will be suspended for everybody. So, everybody will be in the same boat. It is up to you to make the boat floating or drowning during the next months. Remember to always move forward. I firmly believe you will have the best opportunity you can to be in the pool again. In difficulty, there is always opportunity. Find it and treasure it.

Hopefully, one way or another, caps and goggles are waiting for you. Lactate sets, too.

Nothing is lost. See you in the pool.

All swimming and dryland training and instruction should be performed under the supervision of a qualified coach or instructor, and in circumstances that ensure the safety of participants.

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