Janet Evans Nominated For FINA Bureau

Photo Courtesy: Griffin Scott

Janet Evans has represented the United States in a number of ways over the years, whether it be racing to gold medals in the pool or running the final leg of the Olympic torch relay to help Muhammad Ali light the flame in 1996.

Evans could be representing her country and continent again.

She was nominated by USA Swimming to be a part of the FINA Bureau, representing the Americas, according to documents released following USA Swimming’s last board of directors meeting in May.

The FINA Bureau is made up of 25 members who represent each region of the world. Each continent gets four representatives with the exception of Oceania, which gets one.

Dale Neuburger is planning to retire in 2021, opening up a spot in the Americas, governed by United States Aquatic Sports. He is the only representative from the U.S. and has been on the Bureau since 2000.

Evans could be next in line. She has played a prominent role for the Los Angeles’ most recent Olympic bid. The city was recently awarded the 2028 games.

USA Swimming, US Masters Swimming, USA Diving, USA Synchro and USA Water Polo each can submit a nominee. Evans was submitted from USA Swimming. United States Aquatic Sports will select their representative later this year.

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  1. Johnny Karnofsky

    She needs to petition FINA to rewrite the record books from 72 and 76 and eliminate all “enhanced” performances turned in by the East German women’s swimming team….. then the IOC to redistribute the medals….

  2. avatar

    She’s a great representative of our sport. She has my vote.

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