ISL Founder Sends Message of Thanks for Successful Swimming Season in Difficult Year

Photo Courtesy: Mine Kasapoglu / ISL

The International Swimming League (ISL) 2020 season was able to make it through to completion, even in a difficult year amidst a global pandemic.

ISL Founder Konstantin Grygorishin reached out to the swimming community, as well as his team, to thank them for making the season possible.

The season happened in a bubble in Budapest because of COVID-19 and no positive cases have been reported from the swimmers or staff in the bubble.


Here is Grygorshin’s letter in full:

To the ISL Family,

I have finally had a chance to catch my breath after the magnificent Final Match of ISL’s Season 2. And what a final that was!

With this letter I would like to express to you all my utmost sincere and heartfelt gratitude for making ISL Season 2 happen.

To the Production Team:
You surpassed everyone’s wildest expectations of quality and sophistication in visualization, commentating, technical support and data processing and analytics. There is no other swimming competition in the world that can match this today. You have set a new standard for excellence.

To the Athletes, Coaches, Team Managers:
You demonstrated your professionalism, team spirit and camaraderie and unsurpassed athletic greatness. And you did all of that at a time of extreme adversity, under immense pressure not to take risks and not to perform. This pressure came from all sides: from those who were genuinely worried about your wellbeing, but also from those who were simply jealous of your courage and your ambition. You persisted. You continued to train and prepare to reach your best. You trusted us and came to Budapest. And you rewarded yourselves and your fans with an extraordinary athletic performance. You have made us all immensely proud with your achievements.

To all of you:
You delivered. You have demonstrated to the entire sporting world that ISL is not a fluke, it is not a folly, and it is here to stay! Season 2 has set ISL on an upward trajectory. It is now up to all of us to build on this momentum.

I would like to wish you all a well-deserved rest and to our American friends a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Konstantin Grygorishin
Founder, ISL


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    Pay the athletes and your bills!

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    John Mayor

    Did he send the checks also?

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    and the Hungarian staff, especially the medical team etc.