ISHOF Wrangling With Fort Lauderdale, Could Still Relocate

FORT LAUDERDALE, Florida, September 1. INDICATORS continue to suggest that the International Swimming Hall of Fame could be on short time as a resident of Fort Lauderdale.

Further acrimony between the city and ISHOF has been reported by the Sun Sentinel in today’s edition as ISHOF and the city are currently battling over a current $32.4 million plan for a new complex to be built. ISHOF’s president Bruce Wigo doesn’t like what he sees in those plans as it relates to ISHOF continuing to be a tenant of Fort Lauderdale.

“With the current project, this will not be our world headquarters,” Wigo told the Sun Sentinel.

ISHOF has been shopping around the nation, and some serious conversations have been had with several locations including Santa Clara, Calif. Wigo and ISHOF have another year and a half to lock down a new contract before their current pact expires in February 2015.

Wigo is currently looking for a $50,000 annual stipend from the city, as well as having all of its maintenance and utility costs covered according to the Sentinel. Meanwhile, ISHOF would return 25 percent of its revenues to the city. ISHOF also is asking for improvements of up to $675,000.

Sun Sentinel Article