International Testing Agency Aims To Regain Trust Of Athletes and Fans

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In a profile that originally appeared on the website Business Standard, the director-general Benjamin Cohen of the International Testing Agency claims that the organization will help fans and athletes regain the trust they had in clean sport following several high profile doping scandals.

The ITA is a new agency that was conceived during the Russian doping scandal during the 2014 Winter Olympics that rocked the sporting world, and officially began operating in Lausanne just last month.

Following a call from the International Olympic Committee to develop a fully independent testing agency that would be separate from sporting federations and national anti-doping labs, Cohen states that the “ITA will be there to regain the trust of the athletes and the fans if they have lost it,” and that the agency will be working hard to “earn trust, respect and loyalty of our partners.”

Cohen points to partnerships between the agency and boxing, judo, and table tennis as evidence of the organization gathering momentum, although many of the bigger federations such as FIFA still have yet to sign on with the group. The group will face its first major international competition this fall at the Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires, with the ultimate focus being a drug-free Olympics in 2020.

You can read the original article from the Business Standard website here.

The Business Standard contributed to this report.