In-Depth Analysis on Impact of Trials Timing on Olympic Performance in July Issue of Swimming World Magazine

PHOENIX, Arizona, July 5. EVERY four years, there is a debate on whether the U.S. holds its Trials too close to the Olympics. Swimming World's Jeff Commings decided to look at the performances of the swimmers on the top three medal-winning teams at the 1996, 2000, 2004 and 2008 Olympics, to see how many athletes improved their times at the Olympics. Each country held their Olympic Trials at different times of the year, providing a great opportunity to measure whether the timing of Trials impacts the potential for faster times at the Olympics.

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8 Fast Track to Success by John Lohn
Hailing from a country that has produced greatness with the likes of Inge de Bruijn and Pieter van den Hoogenband, sprinter Ranomi Kromowidjojo has rapidly developed into a global force behind a lethal combination of raw talent, hard work and desire.

10 Lane Lines to London sponsored by Competitor by Shoshanna Rutemiller
This month's Olympic feature spotlights the London Aquatic Centre.

12 2012 Olympic Preview: Synchronized Swimming by Emily Sampl
Russia has dominated synchronized swimming in recent years and is expected to do the same this summer at the London Olympics.

14 Olympic Flashback: 2000-08 by Jeff Commings with special contributions by Steve Johnson

16 Olympic Analysis: Timing Is Everything… by Jeff Commings
…Or is it? Does the timing of Olympic Trials have an effect on swimmers' performances at the Olympics?

19 Curl Burke: The Gold Standard by Michael J. Stott
Where does a team go after having been proclaimed the gold standard–and then repeatedly backing it up at local, regional, national and international levels? Well, they keep going forward!

23 Pool's Edge: The Secret by Karlyn Pipes-Neilsen
There is a smarter way to swim fast times without “swimming” faster at all!

24 Lane Leaders: Noriko Inada by Emily Sampl

26 Q&A with Coach Bruce Patmos by Michael J. Stott

28 How They Train: Margo Geer by Michael J. Stott

29 Sleep for Success by Michael J. Stott
Winning requires sleep management, which has to be planned and not left to chance.

31 USSSA: “New Swimmer” Evaluations the Nitro Way by Mike Koleber

33 National Age Group Record Setter by Judy Jacob

34 American Relay by Judy Jacob

35 TYR Age Group Swimmer of the Month

6 A Voice for the Sport
36 Lane 9/Gutter Talk
37 For the Record
43 Calendar
46 Parting Shot

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