How to Get Your Pool Opened Back Up



Date & Time: Monday May 25, 2020 @ 4:00 pm EST

Suggested Audience: Team board members, Coaches, Facility Directors, Aquatics Directors and everyone else interested in helping to get swimmers back in the water.

Throughout the United States many pools are in jeopardy of not opening for months or even as long as one year. This #FFTLive Webcast is for all coaches, team board members, facility directors, aquatics directors and other interested parties to get advice on how to present and communicate their safety plans to the powers that be and navigate a complex system.
This webcast will help interested parties to make presentations to local entities who have influence and/or control whether or not a facility will open and what the rules will be. We will also devote time to share creative thoughts on how to maximize the benefits of your swimmers having an unprecedented Covid forced “break”.
Attendees will be provided with:
  • Template Powerpoint Slides and other tools that you can download and utilize to demonstrate that you will run your practices and facilities professionally and safely.
  • Sample protocols that teams can use as they make their policies.
The panel on this webcast will be:
  • David Marsh, Head Coach of the Team USA Olympic Swimming Team in Rio and current Head Coach of Team Elite in San Diego, CA
  • Paris Jacobs, CEO of Machine Brands, LLC. Former USA Swimming Board member 2011-2015. Active consultant for the American Swimming Coaches Association. Member of the Board of Directors for the USA Swimming Foundation.
  • Tom Ugast, Owner of Nations Capital Swim Club. NCAP rents one dozen facilities in the metro DC area and has 1,800 team members
  • David Arluck, CEO of Fitter and Faster Swim Camps. FFT rents approximately 200 facilities in 47 States annually has more than 25,000 annual participants
The panel will be moderated by Mike Murray, of Victor Swim Club in Rochester, NY.  Mike’s team has been told they will be unable to use any facility in their community through the end of the summer and there is a vote to keep their main pool at a local high school closed for a full year.

Get more information at Fitter and Faster website.

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