How Many Clubs Are Active? World Swim Status Report Tracking Numbers

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Photo Courtesy: Peter H. Bick

An effort to map the effect of COVID-19 lockdowns on swimming around the world is underway via the World Swim Status Report.

The effort, launched by, asks swim clubs at various levels of the sport to report how affected they have been by the pandemic restrictions via a two-minute online survey. The information is similar to what many national federations or governing bodies collect, and the app will augment the user-submitted data with publicly available data.

With the data, the site will launch a dashboard that assesses the global “health” of swimming in various areas in the return to competition. Reports will anonymize individual team data.

From the press release:

Participating teams are asked five questions: Is your team active? Has your staff shrunk? What kind of trainings are you currently conducting? Are you participating in any competitions? Has your athlete participation shrunk?

Teams that participate can update their data as it changes. The site strives to offer real-time information so that teams and stakeholders are better informed about the status of swimming in their local area, state, region, nation and elsewhere globally.

To participate in the World Swim Status Report data collection, visit the survey at this link.


  1. Stacey Maddrey

    We can’t swim because pools here will not open. The college our team swims in is still closed too

  2. Tanya Birch

    Pools closed in Colorado. I’m told Country Club pools open tomorrow. Our rec center pool.. Who knows if or when it will open. 😕

  3. Linda Arquieta

    Our city and county pools are closed so we are down until they open….

  4. Kelly Spencer Williams

    My son’s team got back at it last week (finally). His group will be back up to 5/week practices this coming week (still not to his usual 8/week). Plus 4/week zoom drylands

  5. Patricia Ramos-Fraire

    Same here in Santa Maria, Ca. Our local Community pool is currently closed with no hope of opening because of budget constraints. So very sad.

  6. Kerry Malinger

    Not ours in Illinois. And with all of the isolation, and national despair, we are very worried for our kids. Swim has always been their peace and mental release. Competitive swim has not even been addressed- just pushed to the side and lumped with recreational pools. Meanwhile coaches and advocates working hard to insure safety and comply. But still nothing.

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