How Gregg Troy Keeps Training From Being “Rote, Routine And Tedious” (Morning Swim Show)

Coach Troy and Elizabeth Beisel enjoy talk before the first day preklims.

Photo by Peter H. Bick

PHOENIX, Arizona, September 25. FLORIDA head coach Gregg Troy is the guest on today’s edition of The Morning Swim Show, continuing our series of interviews from the recent American Swim Coaches Association’s world clinic.

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Troy gave a lecture about his training philosophy at Florida, where his most of his athletes average 7,000 yards per workout and where they learn the meaning of swimming slowly correctly in order to be fast when it matters. For his part, Troy’s mindset has worked for five decades, guiding several Olympians including Ryan Lochte, Elizabeth Beisel, Anthony Nesty and many more. Troy said there are many pieces to the puzzle in training a successful athlete, and using all different types of training keep a season from becoming “rote, routine (and) tedious.”

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