Hilda Luthersdottir Sets Another Record at Day 3 of Small States Games

Photo Courtesy: Peter H.Bick

Hilda Luthersdottir seems to be operating under a “break a record a day” mantra at the 16th Games of the Small States of Europe. In the first two nights in Reykjavik, she took down the women’s 200-meter IM and 200-meter breast. With the 100-meter breast looming on day three, she was poised to take down another record.

Sure enough, Luthersdottir kept her record-breaking streak going tonight in her home country. In the women’s 100-meter breast, she clocked a 1:08.07, besting her previous mark of 1:10.92. Johanna Gerda Gustafsdottir was a distant second at 1:13.19. Theresa Banzer wound up third in 1:13.52.

Laurent Carnol, who is on a similar record-breaking tear, took down the men’s 100-meter mark. Carnol lowered the record, which Jakob Johann Sveinnson held at 1:02.60, to a 1:01.24 with his win tonight. Antoine Sveinn McKee took second wit a 1:02.81, while Monaco’s Andrea Bolognesi made his first appearance in the top three with a 1:03.53.

Julie Meynen of Luxembourg was just shy of breaking her Small States record in the women’s 50-meter free. She settled for with a win in 25.73, finishing just ahead of Bryndin Run Hansen. Ingibjoerg Krisin Jonsdottir took third with a 26.39.

Julien Henx, also of Luxembourg, took the men’s 50-meter free in 23.17. He finished just ahead of Malta’s Andrew Chetcuti (23.28). Alexander Johannesson was the only other swimmer under 24 seconds with a 23.70.

Julis Hassler (LIE) and Monique Olivier (LUX) battled back and forth throughout the women’s 200-meter free. Despite a slower second half, Hassler held on to win in 2:02.61. Olivier was a close second with a 2:02.75. Inga Elin Cryer posted a 2:05.40 to get third.

Raphael Stacchiotti, who’s won numerous events already, took the crown in the men’s 200-meter free in 1:51.34. He held off Jean-Francois Schneiders, who finished second with a 1:52.77. Sebastian Konnaris was next in line with a 1:53.42.

The Games of the Small States of Europe conclude tomorrow.

2015 Small States Europe, Day Three – Results