Greensboro Aquatic Center Holds Groundbreaking Ceremony For Fourth Pool

Photo Courtesy: Greensboro Aquatic Center

The Greensboro Aquatic Center (GAC) held a groundbreaking ceremony on Thursday, September 6 for what will soon be the fourth pool in the facility. In a report that appeared online in the local news outlet Fox 8, the GAC’s continued success necessitated the construction of an additional pool.

“Over $150 million that has been generated from the outside meets that we’ve brought to Greensboro at the aquatic center,” said GAC Complex Director Matt Brown, which he notes has “by far” paid for the cost of building the aquatic center.

According the GAC website, the fourth pool will be another 50-meter pool that will add 19 short course lanes and 8 long course lanes and will be attached to the current facility. The pool currently attracts some of the highest level USA Swimming and NCAA competitions, routinely drawing well over 1,000 athletes for meets.

You can see renderings of the new pool here, and read the original story from the local Fox 8 here.

Fox 8 contributed to this report.


  1. Dick Beaver

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    Belva Eileen Christensen check this out

    • Julie Tellier

      Las Vegas and the Desert Committee really needs to get on board and stop pretending pools can’t make money!! $150 million!! Maybe Las Vegas should look at how poorly there Aquatics Department is managed and operated!

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