GoSwim Offers FREE Access to Educational Content During Covid-19 Pandemic

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For nearly two decades, the mission at GoSwim.tv has been to help people of all ages and backgrounds to swim better and reach their full potential in the sport.  In this challenging time of COVID-19, with pools closed, meets canceled, and swimmers stuck at home, GoSwim.tv is determined to continue — and even expand — our mission.  Because of their long-time commitment to virtual learning, they believe they are in a unique position to step up right now, to serve the swimmers and coaches of our shared community.

Here’s how they would like to help right now…

For the next few weeks, when you sign up for a free GoSwim account (or if you already have a free GoSwim account), you will have free access to ALL of GoSwim’s content.  In addition, you will receive a daily email from them, with a link to a video we’ve chosen as part of a weekly theme.

If you’re a coach, and pick up a free account during this time, you have the added benefit of looking through GoSwim’s entire site and selecting videos to share with your swimmers.  You can share as many videos as you want with as many swimmers as you want.  Because of COPPA and MAAP regulations, each swimmer will need to create their own account.  But once everyone has an account, you will be able to share any GoSwim URL through your own internal communication system with your team.

We invite every swimmer and coach, of every age and ability, to set up a free GoSwim account during this challenging time, and to experience what we have to offer.  We hope this will give everyone the opportunity to expand their swimming knowledge, get new ideas, or be inspired by the swimmers who have shared their talent in our platform.  For coaches especially, we hope this provides answers and solutions as you search for ways to stay in touch with your swimmers, to keep them engaged, motivated, and in command of their own swimming.

We know from personal experience that the simple act of watching great swimming can improve our swimming.  We hope you will use GoSwim’s videos to help visualize the kind of swimmer you want to be when you get back in the pool.   Stay healthy and safe, everyone.” – Glenn Mills, Founder

How do I get started?

Go to www.goswim.tv to create your free account, and start searching for the videos that are best for you.

Need help?

When logged into GoSwim.tv, feel free to contact them via their chat feature on the site (lower right chat icon). We also offer assistance at info@goswim.tv.

A bit of background…

GoSwim.tv is an online video platform with an archive of more than 3,000 videos featuring the world’s best swimmers, teachers, and coaches.  The goal of each video is to show what the world’s best swimmers do, that every swimmer can do.

Their platform has three levels of engagement.

  • With a free account, you receive one GoSwim video every day of our choosing, and can watch it for one week (with a weekly theme).
  • Individual subscribers have 24/7 access to the entire GoSwim archive.
  • Coach subscribers enjoy an additional tool: the ability to select videos to share with their swimmers.

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GoSwim COVID-19 from GoSwim.tv; on Vimeo.


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    Joan Reynolds

    Look forward to see

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      Happy to see you after all these years of listening

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      Linda K. Wiginton

      If I get my swimmers to sign up, will they be able to go in and watch the content without me sending it out to them? Since we are out of school, thinking about using your info for my junior high swim classes in OK. Thanks. Professionally yours, Linda Wiginton

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    Joan Reynolds


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    Can you also posted some of dryland exercises for swimmers polease thank you

  4. Dick Beaver

    Shelley Beaver. Alex, this is the backstroke turn, touching the wall while still keeping the shoulders from going past the vertical that I developed in 1959. It was the pre-curser of the current turn that eliminated the touch because too many swimmer were getting disqualified, and judges had a difficult time deciding whether the swimmer actually kept the shoulders from going past the vertical. I don’t know who this guy is, or why he is doing this turn, but I know that it is a more modern picture because he is wearing a cap and goggles. We certainly didn’t have those then.

  5. Dick Beaver

    Franco Del Campo This is a picture of the turn that I taught you in 1968. Ti ricordi?

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    Angela Miller Dennis Baker check this…

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