Get Total Leg Strength For Breaststroke With Today’s Dryland Tip

SANTA CLARA, California, April 15. TODAY'S dryland tip features Chris Barber, strength coach at the Center for Optimal Restoration, demonstrating how a Swiss Ball can help increase hamstring and gluteal strength, critical for developing a strong breaststroke kick!

Purpose: During breast, keeping the hips forward (out of excessive hip flexion) as the knees bend is essential. Also, keeping the knees approximately shoulder width apart is necessary during this task. Too often, novice breaststroker's bend their hips too much resulting in high frontal resistance and drag. The exercise ball knee curl encourages similar muscular activation as breaststroke.

Directions: Lie on your back with your feet shoulder width apart on the exercise ball. Raise your hips as high as possible, driving your body weight forward. Next, bend your knees, keeping your hips high and feet shoulder width apart. Return to the starting position.

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