French Olympic Medalist Clement Mignon Announces Retirement On Facebook

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Photo Courtesy: Taylor Brien

French Olympic medalist Clement Mignon has announced his retirement per a post on his Facebook page. Mignon earned a silver medal for swimming on the prelims of the French 4×100 freestyle relay at the recent 2016 Rio Olympics.

In the post on his Facebook page, the 25-year-old wrote that while some may say his retirement is premature, he feels like he has plateaued since 2015 and does not see himself getting back to that level. The French swimmer’s highest international finish was a bronze medal performance in the 100 free at the 2016 European Championships.

You can read Mignon’s full Facebook post below, both translated and in original French:

“Good evening to all, At 25, I decided to end my career in competition. Some may say it’s early to stop but it was hard for me to take pleasure in the last few months. I’ve known victories and defeats, joys and sentences but I withdraw without regret because swimming brought me a lot  This is a page that turns and I want to thank all those who accompanied me during my career: Coaches, doctors, physios, partners (especially MP Michael Phelps France for their interest and support without fault) and my Co-partners of the Cercle des Nageurs de Marseille – Page Officielle too. Finally, I want to thank you, you who have been following me from the beginning of close or far. You’ve always been present in the good, like in bad times  So far from the basins and far from the chlorine I decided to feed new ambitions and new projects… Thank you all for your support  I will never forget it! Clément.  #LaProvence / #PatrickUrvoy”