Frank Busch Announces Roster of Olympic Coaches

Photo Courtesy: David Rieder

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In a 4:30 p.m. press conference Sunday at Olympic Trials, USA Swimming National Team director Frank Busch introduced the roster of coaches that will assist head coaches Bob Bowman (men’s) and David Marsh (women’s) at the Olympic Games.

The women’s staff will consist of Bruce GemmellGreg Meehan and Ray Looze.

Gemmell coaches at the Nation’s Capital Swim Club and led Katie Ledecky to three wins at Olympic Trials.

Meehan placed Maya DiRado on the team in three events, and Simone Manuel and Lia Neal both qualified in the 100 free.

Looze coaches 100 and 200 breast winner Lilly King as well as men’s 100 breast runner-up Cody Miller.

Assisting Bowman on the men’s side will be Jack BauerleDave Durden and Mike Bottom.

Bauerle placed Jay LitherlandOlivia SmoligaMelanie Margalis and Hali Flickinger on the team and has also coached Chase Kalisz and Allison Schmitt during their time at Georgia. Gunnar Bentz finished fifth in the 200 free and figures to be added to the Olympic roster tonight.

Durden helped Nathan AdrianRyan MurphyJacob PebleyJosh Prenot and Tom Shields make the team and also has coached Anthony Ervin in the past, although Ervin now represents Marsh’s SwimMAC squad.

Bottom leads the Michigan team that produced Connor Jaeger. He has coached sprinters including Ervin, Adrian and Gary Hall, Jr. in the past, but this is his first time on a U.S. Olympic coaching staff.


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      USA Swimming has to make a better effort to recognize passionate, dedicated, experienced, educated, excellent women coaches.
      It is time to create an opportunity for qualified women coaches to showcase their talents in this field and make a positive impact at this level.
      There are women that are plenty capable, confident, respected, and extremely knowledgeable!

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        Once these talented women coaches put athletes on the Olympic team, they will be invited to be Olympic coaches. This is not about men vs. women. It is about putting together the best coaching staff possible. Clearly, these men named did far and away the best jobs of coaching their athletes to earn spots on the Olympic team. They deserve the honor of being there, and the athletes will swim better because they are there.

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        I’m a female swim coach and was point blank told in an interview that this particular swim team I was talking to felt that women are not capable or as successful as men when coaching swimmers over the age of 14. Therefore, they hire women for their “nurturing qualities” for 14 and under swimming only. It’s truly ridiculous, and while I agree these men selected are qualified I can definitely think right off the top of my head of several female coaches who are also qualified.

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        Jennifer Parks

        Yes, there are great women coaches, but very rare as head coaches.

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    Let the women earn this recognition. They shouldn’t be picked just because they are women. Sorry if I hurt your feelings.

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      Teri McKeever has earned this recognition and deserves to be on this coaching staff again!
      The point remains; very few women are given opportunities to coach at the elite level over a male coach with the same resume. In order for women to put athletes on the Olympic Team they need to be considered, supported, and respected as qualified to be considered for elite coaching positions. This will pave the way for women to gain exposure and build on successes and accomplishments equal to that of a male coach to create opportunities to coach at the highest level!

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        Totally disagree. There are just as many opportunities for women in the coaching ranks as men. In fact, it is easier for women to get a coaching job then men. They just decide to get out of coaching …….but there are plenty opportunities for them.

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        Jennifer Parks, former Coach

        Want to reiterate that many female swimmers still believe that males are better coaches, no matter what the experience or success of the woman coach. It continues to be a conundrum for USA and NCAA Swimming, particularly at the elite level. Many women coaches are extremely successful age group coaches, but are not promoted to head coach of the elite. Also, many universities have put together women’s and men’s teams under one head coach, and it appears men will not tolerate a woman head coach, so again, that stops women. Too bad, some of us women coaches did quite well coaching males at various points in our careers, but both times it was because a male head coach saw progress and didn’t let stereotypes get in the way. That may be the only way that women will get a chance to prove themselves!

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        McKeever is a total hack. Terrible coach. Doesn’t know anything about technique. Copies all her workouts. Only hired because she is a woman.

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    Jim Lutz

    Teri McKeever was the head women’s coach for London 2012

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    K. G.

    Cal Swimming still putting a huge # of athletes on the Olympic Team. No representation this year. Sad statement.

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      What? Dave Durden is on the staff

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    Always a tough decision and congratulations to all …. especially the Belichick of USA Swim Coaches Bruce Gemmel – gray hoodie & all.

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      Absolutely solid staff throughout.

      But, Sid. You are the best person to answer a related question. Is there a separate US Olympic Coach for Open Water, a position for which there are worthy women as well as men? Who is responsible for providing coaching in Rio to America’s athletes in Open Water events?

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        In looking a bit further down the articles in Swimming today we see the answer to all the issues discussed in this string.

        ” … Catherine Vogt, head coach of Team USA’s Olympic open water team…”

        US Olympic Swim Coach.

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    Susan Clarke

    Frank, let me be “frank”. No women coaches! What’s up with that?

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      Identity based v behavior/performance based decisions almost always problematical.

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    Bill Volckening

    Way to go, Ray! I had a feeling. Have fun in Rio!

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    Mark Schubert

    Teri is a great coach and has been on multiple staffs. She will be back as will others. Congratulations Catherine Vought! Well deserved.

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    Chuck Kroll

    And super Congratulations to Coach Mike Bottom! After your personal Olympic dreams, hopes and talent, as a swimmer were derailed in 1980, you are now getting a most deserved position on the coaching staff in Rio. Bravo!