Former Utah Head Coach Greg Winslow Will Not Be Charged For Sexual Abuse

PHOENIX, Arizona, June 12. THIS evening, the Maricopa County Attorney announced that it would not pursue charges of sexual abuse of a minor against former Utah head coach Greg Winslow stemming from an investigation overseen by Arizona State University police. Utah has since parted ways with Winslow.

“After a careful review of the information contained in the investigation, we determined that there was sufficient cause to seek an indictment in this matter,” said County Attorney Bill Montgomery in a press release. “However, we were unable to meet the necessary burden of proof required to move forward with formal charges. Absent additional information which could support these or other allegations, we will not pursue this matter further.”

Winslow was initially suspended as news of the investigation broke on the eve of the Pacific 12 Championships in Federal Way, Wash., earlier this year. The alleged victim's father spoke with blogger Irv Muchnick, who then alleged that Winslow abused a former “over a period of at least two years” while coaching with Sun Devil Aquatics on the campus of Arizona State University.

The original police report created by Arizona State University also alleged that Winslow, who was 32 at the time, had inappropriate contact with this former swimmer starting at the age of 15. The police report detailed a confrontation call between the former swimmer and Winslow where Winslow apparently apologized for “rubbing [the victim's] breasts.” However, the report details how the recording of the confrontation call wound up having technical difficulties, which may have called into question the entire recording.

Winslow was later interviewed by ASU detectives, who were in the room during the confrontation call with the alleged victim, and Winslow admitted only to apologizing to help the alleged victim with her drug rehab. He stated in the report that he “never fondled fur sure. A hundred percent for sure never fondled” the alleged victim.

While ASU detectives interviewed several former teammates as well as the alleged victim's family members that were also members of Sun Devil Aquatics, it never could find someone to corroborate the initial allegations other than that the alleged victim and Winslow spent a lot of time together inside his office.

The allegations also detailed that no direct sexual conduct occurred other than touching outside of the clothes. The allegations first came to light after an apparent suicide attempt last summer by the alleged victim.