Flight Carrying SwimMAC Athletes Emergency Lands In Kansas City; Practices In Local YMCA


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What should have been a peaceful and uneventful flight from Charlotte, NC to Omaha, Nebraska for the SwimMAC Elite team and their coach David Marsh ended with an emergency landing in Kansas after their plane broke down mid-flight. No one was injured, but the landing did set them down in Kansas City, MO–three hours away from their destination.

Tyler Clary and Kathleen Baker took to Twitter to keep their followers updated on the situation.

Clary later took to Instagram to thank the Platte City YMCA for letting them use their pool to get a practice in and to assure everyone that SwimMAC will be arriving in time for the press conferences, just not by plane.

After a long drive, which put the team in Omaha at about midnight, the group got some rest before press conferences began. SwimMAC’s Ryan Lochte and Marsh sat down for one of the press conferences and shared some laughs about the experience. Marsh commented on training in Kansas City, noting “When we got there, no one had any idea who we were.”


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    Kansas City is in Missouri- as is the Platt City YMCA. And there are people in MO who know Olympic swimmers.

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    As Judy said, Platte City and the majority of the Kansas City metro including the airport are in Missouri, not Kansas.

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    Grandma Marsh

    From what I remember life in the swim world is never boring!!! Still always going somewhere and eating a lot,so you can sleep well and get in the water fast once more!!! Did i miss much!!! hugs to all you brave strong,wonderful,smart handsome men and women. I will always have you backs.