FINA Approved Stamp to be Moved to Inside of Suits

PHOENIX, Arizona, August 14. PLENTY has been made about underwater video judging first being discussed by the Olympic coaches at the 2012 London Olympics, but something that went under the radar is a change in the location of the FINA approved stamp for suits.

According to Kim Brackin of Brackin Elite Swim Training, who served as the Zimbabwe's coach with Kirsty Coventry competing in London, FINA will now be required to place its FINA approved logo on the inside of every suit. Brackin stated that officials told the coaches in attendance that the FINA logo on the outside of the suit had been considered to be advertising, and that it will now be placed inside the suit, right by the knee so that officials can quickly flip the suit material to check if it is approved.

Brackin also stated that the bulk of the rest of the coaches meeting dealt with information on FINA approved caps, goggles and suits.