[UPDATED] Everything In Rio Is Green, Even The Diving Well!

Photo Courtesy: Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports


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By Erin Keaveny, Swimming World Intern

The diving well, located in a facility adjacent to the same pool used for water pool, in Rio has been the talk of the town over the last couple of days, and not for the reasons one might expect an Olympic pool to garner attention. Before the women started on synchronized platform, the pool suddenly turned bright green, perplexing athletes and spectators.

FINA released a statement about the pool taking on the unexpected color. They clarified that the color was only a result of changes in the pool’s pH balance. The result of the water filters running out of some of the chemicals they use to treat the pool water.

The FINA Sports Medicine Committee reassured athletes and spectators after testing the water that there was “no risk to the health and safety of the athletes, and no reason for the competition to be effected.”

The diving well momentarily matched Rio’s entire color theme, emphasizing the importance of environmental conservation, an important issue to the country that’s home to the Amazon. Although it might not have looked as inviting as a crystal clear pool, Olympic divers and gymnasts from around the world can now bond over their bright green surroundings.

It may have looked a little strange, but it was completely safe, and the games must continue!


As the Olympic Games have continued on the pools at the Maria Lenk Aquatics Centre that play host to the water polo, diving, and synchronized swimming events have reached even darker shades of green. USA Today Sports photographers have been on hand to capture the phenomenon on camera.

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