Duncan Scott Injures Ankle Tripping on Pavement

Photo Courtesy: Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Duncan Scott, coming off of one of the most successful summers in the pool, is recovering from a serious ankle injury.

Scott ruptured two ligaments in his ankle tripping over pavement, The Herald Scotland reported. He was recently named the British National Lottery’s Athlete of the Year. But the excitement changed after a couple of days.

“I was in Stirling walking back home, and I kind of fell off the pavement and rolled the outside of my ankle,” Scott told The Herald Scotland. “I was thinking ‘I actually can’t walk here, oh my God’. But my mate was with me and he said ‘och, just walk it off’. So I got some ice on it and thought it wouldn’t be that bad a couple of hours later. But it was massive. So I had to message my coach [Steven Tigg] and with it being at Stirling, we’ve got the Institute of Sport right at our fingertips so obviously I was really fortunate I was able to go to A&E straight away. The first thing was ‘is it broken?’, no, so tick that box.”

He also told the newspaper:

“Then it was get a scan to see what has happened with the ligaments. Within two days I was seeing a specialist. No surgery is required, just rehab really, and obviously I am really fortunate to have the physio at Stirling on hand and they have contacted the British swimming doctor. He is called Guy Evans, he also works for Bath Rugby, so he sees people do this week in week out. I have the best of care. I just don’t want to rush things. It happened just two or three days before I was due to get back into the pool which was a bit annoying. I’m just doing the arms in the pool right now, no leg movements.”

Scott, who won gold at the Commonwealth Games, is hoping to be back to 100 percent for the Scottish short-course championships in December and looks to make a full recovery for next year.

Read the full Herald Scotland story.


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