(Video) Dr. Laura Cox Speaks About Drug Testing and New Technology

Photo Courtesy: Swimming World TV

At the recent ASCA World Clinic in Washington D.C., George Block had the chance to sit down with Dr. Laura Cox and talk about drug testing protocols and what technology is currently on the horizon to help with anti-doping efforts.

Dr. Cox has been an ASCA Anti-Doping Expert for the past 25 years and has seen firsthand the evolution of anti-doping efforts in competitions. Despite the progress, however, Cox is quick to admit that there is much that can be done even with current technology to improve the international fight to keep sports clean.

In the interview, which can be seen below, Cox discusses how ideal testing today should be un-targeted, which allows scientists to test for a wide variety of drugs that an athlete may be using. Current testing is typically targeted, which means it is only searching for a specific drug or performance enhancer and thus is more likely to miss any abnormalities.

Cox also discusses current technology used in the medical field that can be adapted for anti-doping efforts. The specific technology she mentions can identify molecules in an individual that reflect the inherent biology of that individual, allowing tests to catch a wide variety of molecular changes that are typically caused by doping.

Cox also explains where the future of anti-doping technology is headed, including systems that would not require taking any samples from an athlete and may be as simple as blowing air into a tube. You can watch our full interview with Dr. Laura Cox below.