Distance Ace Kieren Perkins Discusses Career on Inside With Brett Hawke

Kieren Perkins 1500m freestyle 1992 Barcelona

Kieren Perkins – Distance Legend

The history of men’s distance swimming is rich with Australian flavor, from the early days of Andrew “Boy” Charlton to the dominance of Murray Rose to the recent excellence of Grant Hackett. Wait, didn’t we forget one of the all-timers? Obviously, Kieren Perkins is part of the list, and the two-time Olympic champion in the 1500-meter freestyle took time recently to join the Inside with Brett Hawke podcast.

Perkins was a national hero in Australia, on the strength of Olympic crowns in the 1500 free in 1992 and 1996, and a silver medal on home turf in 2000, where the torch was passed to Hackett. During his career, Perkins set world records in the 400, 800 and 1500 freestyle events and was twice a world champion. Now, he is the latest standout athlete to join Hawke on his successful podcast.

In an interview that spans more than an hour and addresses a range of topics, the Hall of Famer speaks with Hawke about his desire to train, his rivalry with Hackett, a 30 x 100s set he performed and mental toughness. The complete interview between Hawke and Perkins can be heard here and readers can access other interviews by visiting the Inside with Brett Hawke YouTube page.

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