Day One Prelims at Arena Grand Prix – Orlando Full of International Talent

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ORLANDO, Florida, February 14. THE initial session of prelims at the Arena Grand Prix – Orlando featured many of the top stars such as Missy Franklin and Ryan Lochte doing what they do best. But, also plenty of youngsters and emerging international stars put on a show to make finals.

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Live Coverage of Day One Prelims at Arena Grand Prix – Orlando

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#SWIMMINGWORLDFANCLUB sounds off on their thoughts from the morning!
What's everyone thoughts after day one prelims? @ArenaUSA #ArenaGPORDSwimmingWorld
@SwimmingWorld @ArenaUSA awesome.. only thing I missed was the tunes!!! :)Michelle Kelly
@SwimmingWorld @arenausa I wish I was there lolGranger Talley
Could we just fast forward n go straight to #Rio2016 😀 RT @SwimmingWorld:What's every1 thoughts after day 1 prelims? @ArenaUSA #ArenaGPORDIma
@SwimmingWorld @ArenaUSA so great to see @danavollmer in the water again!tejal
@SwimmingWorld @USA_Swimming @ArenaUSA Bring back the #AustinGP DJ… He ROCKS!!Ima
@SwimmingWorld Thank You!!! Good morning for our tired Sharks. See u tonight!Sergio Lopez Miro
#bowdown to the man!! RT @GrangerTalley: @rikmaa @swimmingworld @usa_swimming @arenausa *Co-sign* the person was the best!Ima
@SwimmingWorld could you tell Conor that he's amazing for me? Thanks,from his fans in AustinMayna Nguyen


@SwimmingWorld @ArenaUSA The most romantic words I've heard all day!Eve and Candace
Megan Maroney downs Nicole Price 1:02.90, 1:03.8. Both better prelims time of 1:04.17 for 16th @ArenaUSA #ArenaGPORD

MEN'S 400 IM

Olympic gold medalist in the 200 back, Tyler Clary held offYork Y's Brandon Flynn for the top seed heading into the finale, 4:31.42 to4:31.80.  Clary, however, has a muchhigher top end speed heading in with a seed time of 4:09.92 from Olympic Trialsin 2012.  His best ever effort came witha 4:06.96 at the 2009 U.S. National Championships during the techsuit era.  Flynn, meanwhile, has a seed time of 4:27.83and could be pulled to a breakthrough swim this evening is he can keep up withClary.


Mexico's Miguel Robles Castro qualified third in 4:34.07, whileOlympian Conor Dwyer won his heat with a fourth-seeded time of 4:34.26.  Ian Rainey (4:34.41), Davie's EstebanEnderica (4:34.65) and Island's Eric Hedlin (4:35.77) qualified fifth throughseventh.


Venezuela's Carlos Claverie, just 16, has had a breakoutmorning thus far with his second final after making the 100 breast earlier inthe morning.  He's quickly becoming aname to remember. 

Dmitriy Shvetsov of Redlands secures top time in ht1 of m 400 IM 4:39.62 @ArenaUSA #ArenaGPORD
August Querciagrossa checks in with a 4:37.49 to win ht2 of m 400 IM @ArenaUSA #ArenaGPORD
Manuel Meneses of Guatemala with the ht win in 4:48.07 in m 400 IM @ArenaUSA #ArenaGPORD
Esteban Enderica of Davie Nadadores with a 4:34.65 to lead ht in m 400 IM @ArenaUSA #ArenaGPORD
@ConorJDwyer takes down field for top time so far in m 400 IM prelims 4:34.26 @ArenaUSA #ArenaGPORD
Great #Breaststroke leg @conorjdwyer 400IM Prelims #ArenaGPORDErin Quinn
Watching @conorjdwyer kill it in the 400 IM is the best way to spend v-day #ArenaGPORDlady hedith
@TylerClary rips off a 4:31.42 to top men's 400 IM prelims @ArenaUSA #ArenaGPORD


Youth will likely be served in the finale of the women's 400IM, as seven of the eight finalists are teenagers.


Clearwater's Becca Mann, 15, finished just three seconds offher personal best in the distance medley with a strong time of 4:42.69.  Mann, who took the U.S. by storm last summerwith multiple finals at the U.S. Olympic Trials, went on to clocked a sterling4:39.76 at the 2012 Junior Pan Pacific Championships last summer after postinga 4:41.61 at Trials.  Earlier this year,she already turned in a 4:41.91 at the Al Soltis Memorial Meet, which isdemonstrating some strong consistency in this time range.


Dynamo's Kylie Stewart clocked a time of 4:55.47 to qualify second,while Samantha Arevallo Salinas placed third in 4:59.97 to comprise all the sub5:00 times.  The only non-teen in thebunch, Alena Kluge at 20 took fourth in 5:02.03.


Pine Crest's Casey Francis (5:04.12), Saint Andrew's TasijaKarosas (5:05.46), Saint Andrew's Rachel Bradford-Feldman (5:05.64) and KING'sCarolyn McCann (5:05.73) also earned spots in the finale. 

Carley Lowe, 13, of Highlander with a 5:15.94 to win ht 1 of w 400 IM @ArenaUSA #ArenaGPORD
Samantha Arevallo Salines tops ht 2 of w 400 IM 4:59.97 @ArenaUSA #ArenaGPORD
@SwimmingWorld Excited to see the amazing Becca Mann swim the 400IM! She's only 15yrs old! #KaBoom on the #RoadtoRio2016Erin Quinn
Tasija Karosas of Saint Andrew's turns in a 5:05.46 to win heatin w 400 IM @ArenaUSA #ArenaGPORD
Casey Francis of Pine Creast with top time in heat 4 of w 400 IM 5:04.12 @ArenaUSA #ArenaGPORD
Becca Mann rocks a 4:42.69 to win final heat of 400 IM! @ArenaUSA #ArenaGPORD
#BlisteringFast! @SwimmingWorld Becca Mann rocks a 4:42.69 to win final heat of 400 IM!@ArenaUSA #ArenaGPORD Quinn
“@SwimmingWorld: Becca Mann rocks a 4:42.69 to win final heat of 400 IM! @ArenaUSA #ArenaGPORD" 10 seconds faster than me. She's 13 Josh Smith
Yup, just chilling at #ArenaGPORD


Olympic star Ryan Lochte set up a possible double this evening,putting together a strong time of 54.54 to lead the way in the 100 fly prelimsafter making the 200 free finals earlier in the morning.  The 11-time Olympic gold medalist is notshowing any signs of slowing down as this next quad begins heading towards the2016 Rio Olympics.  He's also adjustingto plenty of celebrity opportunities including his own reality TV spot on E!coming later this spring. 


Bolles' Joseph Schooling ripped off a strong 54.63 to takesecond, while Olympic gold medalist Tyler McGill checked in with a third-placetime of 54.69 to round out the top three under 55 seconds.


Bolles' Santo Condorelli clinched fourth with a 55.00, whileClub Wolverine's Wu Peng raced to fifth in 55.33.  SwimOntario's Zack Chetrat touched sixth in55.69, while Bryce Bohman (55.73) and Adam Brown (56.04) both made thechampionship heat out of early heats as both checked in with yard qualifyingtimes. 

Zuhayr Pigot tops first ht of m 100 fly 57.41 @ArenaUSA #ArenaGPORD
Bryce Bohman sizzles in ht 2 of m 100 fly 55.73 @ArenaUSA #ArenaGPORD
Tedoro Boscaino of Clearwater tops ht3 of m 100 fly 1:00.52 @ArenaUSA #ArenaGPORD
Yanouck Tyriseva touches in 59.62 for m 100 fly heat win @ArenaUSA #ArenaGPORD
Kyle Coan of Redlands with a 58.58 to win his heat in m 100 fly @ArenaUSA #ArenaGPORD
Ethan Young rocks a 58.22 in m 100 fly Nice swim at 14 @ArenaUSA #ArenaGPORD
@Arkady_V of Russia with top time in heat in m 100 fly 57.64 @ArenaUSA #ArenaGPORD
@SwimmingWorld @arenausa 200 free looks and feels much better for me.Arkady Vyatchanin
Wu Peng of China now on top with a 55.33 m 100 fly @ArenaUSA #ArenaGPORD
@SwimmingWorld @ArenaUSA NICE – And check out his entire stroke here – Mills
@RyanLochte scorches penultimate heat of m 100 fly 54.54 @ArenaUSA #ArenaGPORD


Four-time Olympic gold medalist Dana Vollmer demonstratedthat she's back after a brief break following the 2012 London Olympics, whereshe won a trio of golds including the gold medal in this event.  She topped qualifying today with a 59.01.  That's not bad considering she owns the worldrecord with a 55.98 just a few seconds faster than today.


Denmark's Jeanette Ottesen, a three-time Olympian who alsohas a world title in the 100 free to her credit from 2011, turned in a 1:00.02to pick up the second seed, while Canadian Olympian Audrey Lacroix qualifiedthird in 1:00.17.


USA's Kim Vandenberg, who usually is trekking around Europecompeting, took fourth in 1:01.48. Canada's Samantha Cheverton secured her second A final of the night witha 1:01.89 at just 14 years of age.


Colorado Stars' Missy Franklin also set up a double with a1:02.05 in a definite off event.  Dynamo'sNicole Stafford (1:02.08) and Canada's Sandrine Mainville (1:02.18) also madetheir way into the finale.

Thanks @danavollmer , you put a big smile on my lil swimmer's face #orlandograndprix #orlandogp holland
Maddie Zimmerman early leader after ht 1 of w 100 fly 1:04.57 @ArenaUSA #ArenaGPORD
Germany's Cosima Kleine earns ht 2 victory in w 100 fly 1:03.60 @ArenaUSA #ArenaGPORD
Courntey Harnish from York Y wins ht 3 of w 100 fly 1:05.19 @ArenaUSA #ArenaGPORD
The "new" @DaraTorres? @BrookeBennett races to ht 4 win in w 100 fly 1:04.66 @ArenaUSA #ArenaGPORD
Kaitlyn Johnson of Lake Erie wins ht 5 w 100 fly 1:04.72 @ArenaUSA #ArenaGPORD
Audrey Lacroix crushes ht with a 1:00.17 to now lead w 100 fly qualifying @ArenaUSA #ArenaGPORD
Jeanette Ottesen smokes ht 7 with a 1:00.02 in w 100 fly @ArenaUSA #ArenaGPORD
She's definitely back! @DanaVollmer blazes to 59.01 in w 100 fly prelims @ArenaUSA #ArenaGPORD
Way to fly @danavollmer …. Whoop Whoop… @SwimmingWorld @ArenaUSAIma
Wow! RT @SwimmingWorld She's definitely back! @DanaVollmer blazes to 59.01 in w 100 fly prelims @ArenaUSA #ArenaGPORD Koth


Trojan's Mike Alexandrov is the top seed, and top star, outof prelims with a 1:02.91 as the only swimmer to clear 1:03 this morning.  Alexandrov is a two-time Olympian, justmissing out representing the U.S. last year after two Olympic appearances withBulgaria, is sticking in the sport with eyes on 2016 Rio.


Venezuela youngster Carlos Claverie, just 16, ripped off a1:03.35 to qualifying second, while Gabriel Souza turned in a 1:03.50 toqualify third.  Tennessee's Brad Craigturned in a fourth-place time of 1:03.54, while Azad Al-barazi took fifth in1:03.87.


Davie's Felipe Lima (1:04.03), Mexico's Christian SchurrVoigt (1:04.27) and Swim Ontario's Warren Barnes (1:04.69) rounded out thechampionship heat this evening. 

Bryce Kananowicz claims first heat win in m 100 breast 1:08.64 @ArenaUSA #ArenaGPORD
Germany's Klemens Degenhardt wins ht of m 100 breast1:04.85 @ArenaUSA #ArenaGPORD
Jacob Andrasco races to a ht3 win in m 100 breast 1:12.91 @ArenaUSA #ArenaGPORD
Carlos Claverie of Venezuela, just 16, rockets to 1:03.35 for ht win in m 100 breast @ArenaUSA #ArenaGPORD
Azad Al-Barazi raced to top time in second-to-last ht of m 100 breast 1:03.87 @ArenaUSA #ArenaGPORD
Mike Alexandrov first to clear 1:03, leads m 100 breast qualifying in 1:02.91 @ArenaUSA #ArenaGPORD


Katie Meili surprised with a sterling lifetime-best time of1:09.09 in the event to lead qualifying. Meili, who has only cleared 1:10 twice in her career, blasted herprevious best of 1:09.68 from the 2012 U.S. Open Championships in August of2012.  Her other time under 1:10 came witha 1:09.69 at the 2012 Ohio State Grand Prix last March. 


Sweden's Rebecca Ejdervik provided the other sub-1:11 timeof the morning with a swift 1:09.90.  She'sbeen under 1:09 twice in her career with 1:08.94 and 1:08.96 to hercredit.  She clocked her 1:08.94 at the2012 Sette Coli Trophy meet last June.


Canada's Martha McCabe posted a 1:11.08 for the third seed, whileGermany's Margarethe Hummel proved to be a revelation with a fourth-place timeof 1:11.10 as a 15-year-old youngster. South Florida's Alia Atkinson cruised into the finale with a 1:11.29 andlikely will compete for the overall title this evening. 


SMU's Raminta Dvariskyte (1:11.47) and Davie's Emily Kopas(1:12.31) qualified sixth and seventh, while 14-year-old Kennedy Lohman ofLakeside picked up the final spot in the big final with a 1:12.50.     

Hanako Worrell leads ht 1 of w 100 breast 1:21.46 @ArenaUSA #ArenaGPORD
Margarethe Humel, just 15, of Germany tops ht 2 of w 100 breast 1:11.10 @ArenaUSA #ArenaGPORD
Sweden's Rebecca Ejdervik leads ht 3 of w 100 breast 1:09.90 @ArenaUSA #ArenaGPORD
Martha McCabe tops penultimate heat of w 100 breast with a 1:11.08 @ArenaUSA #ArenaGPORD
Katie Meili jumps into top seed of w 100 breast 1:09.09 @ArenaUSA #ArenaGPORD
.@AliAtki goes 1:11.29 in ht 6 .@swim4soflo #ArenaGPORDFlorida Swim Network
Exciting news!  Special location for fans to get autographs!
Industry News: 'Autograph Arena' Open to Fans at the Arena Grand Prix in Orlando | SWIMMING WORLDORLANDO, Florida, February 11. ORLANDO swim fans are invited to come meet their favorite Team USA swimmers during the Arena Grand Prix at…
The Autograph Arena is set up and waiting for swim stars! We'll have instant pix soon! #ArenaGPORD USA
The fans down here in Orlando are awesome!!! Tyler Clary
One autograph seeker was appreciative of meeting her heroes! USA


The finale of the men's 200 free event will be astar-studded event with world-class swimmers littering the championship heat.


Germany's Yannick Lebherz, who competed in the 2012 LondonOlympics in both the 200 back and 400 IM, demonstrated his freestyle speed witha top time of 1:50.31.  He just clippedConor Dwyer, who raced to second in 1:50.66.  Australian Bobby Hurley, who is now trainingin Tucson, Ariz., with the likes of Matt Grevers, rocketed to third in1:51.09.  Meanwhile, superstar RyanLochte cruised in the final heat with a time of 1:51.57 to make the finale.


Club Wolverine's Michael Klueh (1:52.09), IX3's CharlieHouchin (1:52.28), Canada's Ryan Cochrane (1:52.29) and Olympic gold medalistTyler Clary (1:52.48) also earned transfer spots into the championship heat. 

@CharlieHouchin off the blocks in the 200 Free prelim at #ArenaGPORD
Stephen Holmquist tops m 200 free ht 1 2:00.77 @ArenaUSA #ArenaGPORD
Manuel Gonzalez with the ht 2 win in 1:59.35 m 200 free @ArenaUSA #ArenaGPORD
Dylan Carter, 17, with a 1:53.73 for ht 3 win in m 200 free @ArenaUSA #ArenaGPORD
Gustavo Berreta Gonzalez of Mexico with a ht 4 winning 1:57.16 m 200 free @ArenaUSA #ArenaGPORD
Jabari Baptiste's 2:00.24 proves to be top time in ht 5 m 200 free @ArenaUSA #ArenaGPORD
Luis Carols Martinez clocks a 1:58.07 to lead h6 of m 200 free @ArenaUSA #ArenaGPORD
Ross Bundschuh of SwimAtlanta with a 1:54.70 to top h7 of m 200 free @ArenaUSA #ArenaGPORD
Joseph Schooling posts 1:54.97 to claim h8 win in m 200 free @ArenaUSA #ArenaGPORD
Joey Pedraza drops a 1:54.21 to win h9 of m 200 free @ArenaUSA #ArenaGPORD
Circle seeded heats!
@YannickLebherz blazes 1:50.31 to win ht10 of m 200 free @ArenaUSA #ArenaGPORD
.@conorjdwyer goes 1:50.66 for 2nd in ht 10 of 200 Free #ArenaGPORDFlorida Swim Network
Michael Klueh checks in with h11 win in m 200 free 1:52.09 @ArenaUSA #ArenaGPORD
@ryanlochte time! @ArenaUSA #ArenaGPORD
Ryan Lochte Training with Olympiansswimmerjoechannel
@RyanLochte wins final ht in m 200 free with sizzling 1:51.57 @ArenaUSA #ArenaGPORD


Just a week after closing out her high school career inColorado for Regis Jesuit, a meet that included a national independent highschool record in the 200-yard IM, Olympic star Missy Franklin nearly cleared 2:00in preliminary qualifying with a strong 2:00.51.  She has a lot more in the tank, as she's beenin the 1:55s on several different occasions in the past two years with a toptime of 1:55.06.


Canada's Samantha Cheverton, just 14 years old, earned thesecond seed with a swift 2:01.27, while fellow youngster Becca Mann ofClearwater posted a 2:01.33 for third. That swim for Mann is a lifetime best, clearing her 2:01.34 from the2012 U.S. Open Championships.  Meanwhile,Canada's Barbara Jardin earned fourth-place honors with a 2:02.93.


Dynamo's Nicole Stafford (2:03.16), Germany's Saskia Roschinsky(2:03.50), SwimMAC's Kathleen Baker (2:03.96)and Ashley Steenvoorden (2:04.00)rounded out the top eight in the event with The FISH's Kate Ziegler justmissing the championship final with a ninth-place 2:04.53. Notably, York Y'sCourtney Harnish dropped a huge time in heat one with a 2:04.74 that actuallywound up pulling her into 10th overall.  That time cut more than three seconds fromher previous lifetime best of a 2:08.04 from the NBAC Christmas Meet inDecember 2012.

Courtney Harnish's 2:04.74 from heat 1 still standing @ArenaUSA #ArenaGPORD
Courtney Harnish's time represents a a more than three-second drop from her lifetime best of 2:08.04 from the NBAC Christmas Meet in December 2012.
Fernanda Richaud Leyva tops heat 2 in w 200 free 2:07.96 @ArenaUSA #ArenaGPORD
Ashley Sutherland's 2:08.33 wins heat 4 w 200 free @ArenaUSA #ArenaGPORD
Jessica Hodgson with a 2:05.77 to win heat 5 of w 200 free @ArenaUSA #ArenaGPORD
Circle-seeded heats begin!
Samantha Cheverton, 14, cruises to ht 6 win in 2:02.15 @ArenaUSA #ArenaGPORD
Barbara Jardin with a strong 2:02.93 to win ht 7 of w 200 free @ArenaUSA #ArenaGPORD
@FranklinMissy scorches prelims with a 2:00.51 to lead w 200 free qualifying @ArenaUSA #ArenaGPORD
@SwimmingWorld @FranklinMissy @ArenaUSA KILL..N..IT, girl!Lance Robinson
Mann goes 2:01.33, good for 2nd tonight #ArenaGPORDFlorida Swim Network
Prelim excitement
RT @dwyer_lochtemx: Before #ArenaGPORD starts we wish @conorjdwyer @ryanlochte the best luck Go Big or Go Home!!!!! Swim Network
The Bolles School at the Orlando Grand Prix #ArenaGPORD @swimspray @sergiolopezmiro Swim Network
The YMCA Aquatic Center looking good for the #ArenaGPORD Swimming LSC
USA Swimming deems official hashtag is #ArenaGPORD
.@SwimmingWorld We've got some new hashtags for the GP Series….Orlando is #ArenaGPORDUSA Swimming
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