Dartmouth’s Jim Wilson Talks on Swimming World Radio About Relay Disqualifications at Ivy League Championships

PHOENIX, Arizona, February 27. BETWEEN the prelims and finals sessions on day two of the women's Ivy League swimming and diving championships, Dartmouth Coach Jim Wilson spoke with Swimming World Radio about the situation involving the disqualification of five teams in the final of the 200 free relay.

You can click here to listen to the interview. Wilson details the talk he gave his swimmers shortly before the 200 free relay, saying that he was skeptical of the Colorado Timing Systems' relay takeoff pads. He said he didn't think any of his swimmers false started in the relay, and when six DQs were registered at the end of the race, the affected coaches immediately filed a joint protest, which was later overruled.

Wilson also said the touchpads were replaced after the first day's final session, and he has reason to believe the meet will continue without a hitch.