Danish National Coach Nick Juba Explains Lotte Friis’ Move to NBAC

COPENHANGEN, Denmark, September 3. THE Danish Swimming Federation had a chat with Danish National Coach Nick Juba recently to explain a bit more regarding distance star Lotte Friis’ decision to move to Baltimore to train under head coach Bob Bowman with the North Baltimore Aquatic Club.

The interview was released on the Federation’s media site SvommeSport

Lotte Friis has left Nice and is going to start swimming in Baltimore in North Baltimore Aquatic Club. What do you think about her decision?
“Lotte is taking a break from Nice. She may return after Christmas, she may not. It has been left open-ended. Fabrice Pellegrin, the Nice coach had indicated that he was going to focus in different training areas in the upcoming period. Lotte is keen to swim fast in the home-based European Short Course Championships in Herning in December and this influenced the decision. I think that it is a good one. I believe that she is at the stage in her career where she needs to embrace new challenges and where better than in the States.”

For how long is Lotte going to stay in Baltimore and will she return to Nice after her stay in the US?
“Initially Lotte will swim with Bob Bowman in Baltimore until the end of the year. It may then be extended but obviously it depends on how things shape up.”

Do you think that this change of club will have any influence on her results in Herning in December?
“I don’t know but I hope so! Lotte’s swims in Barcelona were amongst the best of her career – if not the very best – and she will be hoping to keep this form going. She is very proud of being Danish and so I would expect her to swim fast in front of her home crowd!”

How much do you know about the swimclub in Baltimore? And do you know the person, who is going to be her coach, named Bob Bowman?
“Baltimore was the home to the mighty Michael Phelps and Bob Bowman was his coach. What more can you say! Yes, I know Bob. He is a very nice man, and obviously a great coach.”

Special thanks to Swimming World correspondent Rokur Jakupsstovu for contributing to this report.