CSCAA Poll Predicts NCAA Division I Women’s Championships

EVANSTON, Illinois, March 2. THE final CSCAA poll of the 2011-2012 season predicts the outcome of the NCAA Championships. Atop the poll, Georgia, out of the SEC, unanimously gains the number one spot, while California, from the Pac 12, falls shortly behind at number two.

Also noteworthy from the Pac 12, four teams sit in the top five positions, and a total of 6 teams make the top 25. The remainder of the top ten shows three additional teams from the SEC: Tennessee, Florida, and Auburn, along with the highest ranking Big 12 teams, Texas A&M in ninth and Texas tenth. The Big Ten tallies 6 teams in the top 25 for the final poll this season, tying with the PAC 12 for the most teams from a single conference ranked in the poll.

The ACC debuts a new team in Miami as the highest ranked team out of the conference. Shortly behind from the ACC, North Carolina and Virginia rank 18th and 19th respectively. Making a lot of noise in the poll this week from outside of the major conferences, Southern Methodist, Boise State, and West Virginia are all poised to make a run at a top 25 finish at the NCAA Championships.

1. Georgia
2. California
3. Arizona
4.Southern California
5. Stanford
6. Tennessee
7. Florida
8. Auburn
9. Texas A&M
10. Texas
11. Minnesota
12. Wisconsin
13. SMU
14. Missouri
15. Indiana
16. Arizona State
17. Miami
18. North Carolina
19. Ohio State
20. Virginia
21, Louisiana State
22. Penn State
23. Boise State
24. Purdue
25 West Virginia
Just outside the Top 25: UCLA, Iowa, Louisville, Virginia Tech, Alabama and Maryland

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