Connor Green Lights Up Final Night of CeraVe Invitational

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By Swimming World Interns Heidi Terregroza and Justin Sweetwood

PISCATAWAY, New Jersey, January 12. THE final night of competition at the CeraVe Invitational on the campus of Rutgers University, hosted by Berkeley Aquatic Club, saw some impressive swims by rising talent in the sport. Connor Green was a highlight, breaking the only open division meet record of the weekend.

Women 1500 freestyle
Gillian Ryan from North Baltimore Aquatic Club took her fourth win of the meet with a time of 16:23.57. She had no peer, as runner up Sierra Schmidt was timed in 16:52.96 and Emily Erwin was third with a 17:14.75. Both Schmidt and Erwin represent Germantown Academy Aquatic Club.

Women 200 breaststroke
In the 200 breast A-Final Brooke Zeiger from Bluefish Swim Club took first with a time of 2:35.65. Lauren James from North Baltimore took second with a time of 2:35.87 and Haley Gula was third with a time of 2:43.04. Sarah Slepian from Scarlet Aquatics took first in the B-Final with a finishing time of 2:41.74 and in the C-Final Carly Fried from Asphalt Green Unified Aquatics triumphed with a finishing time of 2:51.74. Slepian’s time would have placed third if she had swum in the A-Final.

Men 200 breaststroke
Out of Long Island Aquatic Club, Delaney Hall captured the victory in the A Final for the 200 Breaststroke with a time of 2:23.37. Coming from FAST Swim Team all the way from California, Ganem Tebet came in second just a hundredth of a second behind (2:23.38). Matthew Otto took third with a time of 2:27.16. Gavin Colley won the B Final with a 2:32.09, and Brett Saunders won the C Final with a 2:36.36.

Women 200 backstroke
In the A-final, Brooke Zeiger from Bluefish Swim Club took first with time of 2:17.52 while sister Liz Zeiger, also from Bluefish, took second with a 2:22.21. Mary Pelton from North Baltimore came in a close third to Liz with a time of 2:22.94. In the B-final Nicole Aarts from Asphalt Green Unattached took 1st with a finishing time of 2:24.43. Rebecca Zeiger, the youngest of the Zeiger sister, was able to take the C-Final with a final time of 2:25.04.

Men 200 backstroke
Connor Green chased the meet record of 2:00.79 by Ian Clark that was set in 2009. He accomplished his objective with a 2:00.65 in the A Final. Just under eight seconds later, Connor Kalisz was there to take second from North Baltimore Aquatic Club with a 2:08.48. Ryan Sebastian finished third with a 2:08.97 from right here in New Jersey and Scarlet Aquatics. Declan Kennon won the B Final with a 2:11.94, and Diego Pabalan took the C Final with a 2:13.62.

Women 100 freestyle
Cierra Runge finished her meet with her first win of the weekend, posting the first-place time of 56.37 in the A-final. Gillian Ryan came back from the 1500 freestyle to place second with a 57.36 for North Baltimore Aquatic Club, and her teammate Mary Pelton was third with a 57.93. In the B-final, Natalie Dowzicky won with a 59.77, with Kerry Giovanniello winning the C-Final with a 59.61.

Men 100 freestyle
For the 100 Freestyle A Final, David Stewart nabbed the victory for Badger Swim Club with a 53.69, his only victory of the weekend. More than a second behind was Raphael Chau from FAST Swim Team, who clocked in with a 54.74, good for second. Christopher Wang came in third out of Scarlet Aquatics with a 55.45. Erik Gudmunson took the B Final with a 56.14, and Kevin Doo won the C Final with a 56.10.

Women 200 butterfly
In the 200 Meter Butterfly A-Final, Paige Kaplan of Long Island Aquatic Club, took first with a final time of 2:18.99. Coming in second with a final time of 2:20.32 was MariaJose Oceguera from Badger Swim Club. Liz Zeiger from Bluefish was able to take third with a finishing time of 2:21.96. In the B-Final Lily Vivado from Bluefish took first with a final time of 2:22.19. In the C-Final Elizabeth Mahoney from Cape Cod Swim Club took first with a final time 2:27.22.

Men 200 butterfly
Cole Buese out of North Baltimore Aquatic Club won the A Final with a 2:03.95. Three tenths of a second later was Max Miranda for second out of Bluefish Swim Club with a 2:04.25, and Kevin Doo came in third with a 2:07.30. In the B Final, Eric Ng won with a 2:09.60, and Ariel Spektor won in the C Final with a 2:11.89.

Men 1500 freestyle
Jared Kaskawal, swimming for the FAST Swim Team, had a major lead at halfway and never looked back. He won with a time of 15:43.95 to be the only swimmer under 16 minutes. Andrew DiFriece of Germantown was second in 16:08.78, with Spencer Lafata of Badger Swim Club placing third with a time of 16:15.99.

Women 400 freestyle relay
The Bluefish Swim Club celebrated with cheers and smiles the victory in the relay with a 4:00.09. Scarlet Aquatics placed second overall with a 4:05.87 and the Asphalt Green Unified Aquatics team was third with a 4:06.06.

Men 400 freestyle relay
The final event of the 2014 CeraVe Invitational, the men’s 400 freestyle relay, was another victory for the Bluefish team, with the men establishing a time of 3:40.13. Scarlet Aquatics was once again second with a 3:42.78 and Asphalt Green Unified Aquatics placed third again with a 3:46.11.