Commit Swimming Set of The Week: Sprinter’s Warm Up

Welcome to Swimming World’s Set of the Week sponsored by! This week’s set is a warm-up for your sprinters to work on waking them up and getting them tuned into their body position, sprint stroke, and tempo. Take a look at the set below and the description that follows:

300 as 50 free/50 kick/50 back

3 x 100’s w/ snorkel as 25 hand lead kick/25 front scull/25 straight arm drill/25 finish drill

3 Rounds:

1 x 100’s focus on long and smooth stroke on 1:20

2 x 50’s with fast breakout off each wall, rest easy on 1:00

*hop out of pool

2 x 75’s from a dive as:

1st 25: build into fast turn

2nd 25: 25 kick moderate on back

rest :10 on wall

3rd 25: fast breakout for 15 yards, smooth transition into DPS swim



This set is only 1,650 yards, so from the very get go your swimmers need to be focused and cued into what is going on in the set. While the first 600 yards is merely to get them in the water and loosened up, your athletes should understand there needs to be purpose behind every length. The first 300 is a basic free/kick/backstroke combo by 50 to wake your athletes up and get them moving in different ways along their long axis, while the following 3 x 100’s with snorkels feature a drill progression to setup the proper body position and stroke length for sprinting.

The second half of the set features 3 rounds of a 100, 2 x 50’s, and 2 x 75’s. The 100 is merely a chance to get them working at a moderate level while practicing the long, powerful stroke on top of the water they were working on in the previous 3 x 100’s. The 2 x 50’s ask your athletes to then add tempo into that stroke off each wall, working on smooth, efficient, and fast breakouts where they are aware of the core and body position coming out of the wall.

The final 2 x 75’s have your swimmers getting out of the water. Each 75 starts from a dive, and your swimmers will build into a fast turn at the end of the 25 into a 25 moderate kick on their backs. After the 25 kick take 10 seconds rest on the wall before going into another fast breakout for 15 yards before transitioning into a smooth, long stroke. Having the many bursts of speed in the set will help your athletes find their stroke and also get them ready to go for whatever sprint work you need to complete in the rest of the workout. Happy swimming!


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All swimming and dryland training and instruction should be performed under the supervision of a qualified coach or instructor, and in circumstances that ensure the safety of participants.