Commit Swimming Set of The Week: Long Course Aerobic Free

Photo Courtesy: Peter H. Bick

Welcome to Swimming World’s Set of the Week sponsored by! This week’s set is a long course aerobic distance free set that works on controlling pace at a high intensity. Take a look at the set below and the description that follows:

3 Rounds:

3 x 300’s on 4:30 as:

#1 – 100 fast/200 moderate

#2 – 200 fast/100 moderate

#3 – 300 fast for time, descend by rounds

1 x 100 easy

This set is pretty straightforward: three rounds of 3 x 300’s with a 100 easy in between. The first 300 is 100 fast/200 easy, second 300 is 200 fast/100 easy, and the last 300 is all fast for time. Take a 100 of easy between each round to regroup with an extra minute or two of rest before getting back into the set. Time at least the all fast 300’s of each round and encourage your swimmers to try and improve their pace as they progress through the rounds.

The trick of this set is holding a consistent pace through each round. Swimmers should be holding the same pace on all of the “fast” swims, which means they need to have some control of their pace as they begin the set. You don’t want them starting out at 1:10 on the first fast 100 only to jump up to 1:15 pace by the time they are doing the full 300 fast.

While this feel like they are starting off slow, help them approach the set in a way that they will be able to hold onto their pace within each round. As you move through the rounds, challenge your swimmers to hold a faster pace so they end up descending their pace through the rounds. This is a great set for swimmers to get a handle on their long course pacing while also teaching them to learn how to manage their pace. Happy swimming!


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