Commit Swimming Set Of The Week: Lengthening Out Breaststroke

Aug 2, 2012; London, United Kingdom; Rebecca Soni (USA) competes in the women's 200m breaststroke final during the London 2012 Olympic Games at Aquatics Centre. Mandatory Credit: Andrew P. Scott-USA TODAY Sports
Photo Courtesy: Andrew P. Scott-USA TODAY Sports

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Welcome to Swimming World’s Set of the Week sponsored by Commit! This week’s set is an aerobic breaststroke set meant to work on lengthening out the stroke and controlling pacing.

The main idea of the set is for the breaststroke/free swims to be at a moderate to high aerobic level, while the kick/drill work is meant to be more active recovery and a chance to reset their form between aerobic work. For any of the kick it may be helpful to have your swimmers put on a snorkel and ditch the kickboard, instead just holding their arms in front in a prone position to think about holding a strong body line on the surface of the water. Remind your swimmers this is the exact position they want to “fall into” at the end of every stroke and to work on maintaining that length even when they are tired.  

Watch to make sure your swimmers’ technique stays consistent through the set and remind them that an efficient breaststroke will lead to a faster (and less painful!) swim! Take a look at the set below:

8 x 25 as 2x (kick/separation/2k1p/dps) on :30

3 x 100 as 50 breast/50 free on 1:20

6 x 50 as drill/sw on 1:00

2 x 200 as 75 breast/25 free on 2:50

3 x 100 as 50k/25 dr/25 choice on 1:45

1 x 400 breaststroke negative split




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  1. Beat Hauser

    London 2012! Awesome job done 👍🏻❤️😎

  2. Andrew Webber

    If you ask people to swim breaststroke on the surface and be efficient, you’re going to have some very slow swimmers. Get under just enough to lose the wave, make your swimming effective not efficient

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    Elisa Navarro Cruz

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