College Recruit Rankings Profile: Six-Star Kasey Carlson, Class of 2010

PHOENIX, Arizona, July 14. KASEY Carlson, a six-star prospect from the Class of 2010, is next up in this year's series of Swimming World College Recruit Rankings Profiles. Carlson swims for Las Lomas High and the Terrapin Swim Team.

Carlson maintains her profile in the Swimming World College Recruit Rankings powered by Take Your Marks, and would have been a title contender for the women's 100-yard breast at the 2009 NCAA Division I Championships. The Swimming World Magazine Girls National High School Swimmer of the Year finalist has a 58.75 in the women's 100-yard breast to her credit.

Carlson also would have qualified for the B final in the 200-yard breast at 2009 NCAAs with a 2:09.66 best time, and would have been able to contribute to a team in a variety of events with B cuts in the 50y free 22.56; 100y free 49.45; and 200y free 1:47.57.

Carlson is also a strong long course swimmer, having made the U.S. World Championships team in the 100-meter breast. She owns top meters times in the 50m free 25.91; 100m free 56.97; 100m breast 1:06.54; and 200m breast 2:31.40.

When and where did you start swimming?
I got into swimming because of my mom. She swam in college at Florida State. I started swimming at 5 in a summer rec program just for fun, and right now I am coaching for that same team I started on. At age 10, I moved to year-around swimming because I loved swimming so much I wanted to do it all year long, not just in the summer.

Who would you name as the most influential person and coach in your swimming career?
The most influential person in my swimming career is my mom. She was a national level swimmer, so she knows what I am going through, and she supports and encourages me to try my best and is always in the stands cheering me on. Also, my coach at the Terrapins, Paul Stafford, has been an influential part of my swimming career. Without him, I don't think I would be where I am today.

What, to this point, is your best moment in the sport and why? (editor's note: Interview took place before Carlson made the U.S. team heading for the World Championships this month.)
My favorite moment had to be when I broke the National High School Record in the 100 breaststroke at our high school's North Coast Section Championships. I already broke the record a week before, but due to a timing error, it didn't count, so I felt like I had a lot of pressure to break that record again. Once I touched the wall to see an even faster time, it felt like a big weight was lifted off of my shoulders. Also, hearing the roar of the crowd made that moment even more exciting.

Walk us through a day of practice:
My schedule changes every week, but during the summer I swim 6 mornings a week, along with 2-3 afternoons. I also try to squeeze in a dryland program two days a week.

What is your favorite set?
I don't think I have a favorite set, I just always enjoy working on my breaststroke technique, and my coach, Paul Stafford, is always coming up with new fun drills.

What is your least favorite set?
I am not a fan of the long distance freestyle sets since I consider myself a sprinter.

What are your short-term goals?
My short term goals are to do well at world trials, enjoy the recruiting process and find a great college.

What are your long-term goals?
I just want to keep improving in the sport and find a great college.

What colleges are you interested in so far?
Since I have lived in California all my life, I'm interested in Cal, USC, UCLA, and Stanford, but I am also open to looking outside of California.

What has the recruiting process been like so far, now that you are allowed to be called by coaches?
The process has been exciting but also nerve racking because I know I am getting closer to making a large decision where I want to continue swimming. July 1 was also a great experience being able to talk with coaches.

Is there anything else interesting that you'd like our readers to know about you?
As mentioned in the first question, I am coaching my old recreational swim team, Indian Valley in Walnut Creek, California. Working with young swimmers has given me much insight into my own swimming.

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