College Recruit Rankings Profile: Five-Star Emily Lloyd, Class of 2010

PHOENIX, Arizona, September 1. EMILY Lloyd, a five-star recruit from the Class of 2010, is the next subject in this summer's series of Swimming World College Recruit Rankings Profiles. Moore is from Annapolis, Md. She swims for SPY Swimming, and preps at Severna Park High.

Lloyd maintains her profile in the Swimming World College Recruit Rankings powered by Take Your Marks, and is a sprint specialist.

Lloyd's top long course meter times are a 25.74 in the 50 free and a 56.79 in the 100 free. She also would have qualified for the 2009 NCAA Division I Championships in the 100-yard free with a 49.02.

Where and when did you start swimming?
I first started swimming for my neighborhood swim team (in the river) when I was 5 years old. When I was 8, I started to swim for SPY Swimming in Maryland year-round, which is still the team I am on now.

Who would you name as the most influential person and coach in your swimming career?
The most influential person in my swimming career is definitely my twin sister, Sarah. Although swimming is not her main sport, she still practices with me everyday throughout the fall, winter, and summer, and we go to almost all of the same meets. She is constantly encouraging me, both during practice and at home. It is nice that she has lacrosse to focus on and mainly just swims for fun because it takes away the competitive aspect of "sister vs. sister" (but I'll admit, I still tend to get very angry if she's swimming faster than me in practice!).

Both my head coaches at SPY, Crystee Ballard and Jim Hutcheson, are extremely important to me and have had huge impacts on me as a swimmer and as a person. Both have coached me since I was very young on SPY, so I grew up with them and they have taught me so much about swimming and about my own potential as a swimmer. Another influential coach I have had is Mike McTammany, who is not only my high school swim team coach but also was my middle school teacher. He has known me since I was 6 years old and couldn't even swim a length of the pool, but has helped me develop so much as an athlete, a student, and as an individual.

What, to this point, is your best moment in the sport and why?
My best moment in swimming so far is when our 200 freestyle relay won YMCA Long Course Nationals this past summer. We had jokingly discussed winning the relay, but it was really a complete surprise when it happened. Also, we came from behind which made it even more exciting. I had won other events at that meet, but this one was special because I got to share it with two of my best friends and my sister.

Walk us through a day of practice:
We have two-a-days only twice a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays. On those days, morning practice is from 5-6:15. Every afternoon practice is somewhere around 3-5 or 5:30. Usually, we get there a little before 3 and "do dryland" (a.k.a. sit in the weight room and talk, and perhaps occasionally lift weights or do pull-ups) until 3:15 or 3:30. When we get in the pool, we do different sets each day, depending on what we are focusing on. I think we average around 4500-6500 yards each afternoon practice, but it changes everyday so don't quote me on it!

What is your favorite set?
My favorite set (besides relay starts, stations, starts-turns-finishes, etc.) is any time that we separate into sprint/distance groups, and do a sprinting set where I am swimming fast and feel good. I love the feeling when you know you can go all out because you know you will have a lot of time to rest after each swim. Plus, while sitting on the wall in between sprints, you get to point and laugh at people in the distance group. 🙂

What is your least favorite set?
Basically any set that involves distance free, whether it's a ladder, or just straight 500's. They bore me and I can't keep my head on straight when I'm constantly doing flipturn after flipturn.

What are your short-term goals?
My short-term goals are to choose a college that is a good fit for me academically, and to have a good time swimming there. I also want to have a lot of fun during my senior year of high school, in the pool and out of it!

What are your long-term goals?
My long-term goals are to be able to contribute to my college team and perform well at NCAA's, while earning a college degree in a subject that I am interested in.

What colleges are you interested in so far?
I'm still sorting through lots of different schools at the moment.

What has the recruiting process been like so far, now that you are allowed to be called by coaches?
It's been overwhelming at times, but overall definitely enjoyable. It is neat talking to all these coaches, and putting a voice and a face to a name.

Is there anything else interesting that you'd like our readers to know about you?
As I mentioned before, I have an identical twin sister, Sarah, who is going to play lacrosse in college.

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