College Contingency Team Begins After Team Elite, Coronado Swim Association Merge

David Marsh; Photo Courtesy: Peter H. Bick

Since returning to the pool amidst the pandemic, coach David Marsh and his high performance programs Team Elite and Team Elite Stingrays have been working with Coronado Swim Association (CSA), a 501(c) non-profit competitive swim team, to form their College Contingency Team.

With a large group athletes around the country looking for high performance training options since many swimmers consider redshirting for the 2020-21 school year, the College Contingency Team was formed to help that growing group.

According to the merger press release, the College Contingency Team is designed to provide swimmers a high performance training cohort of goal oriented athletes. The program is geared for the post-graduate swimmer striving for a final Olympic Trial push, a redshirt athlete simply looking for a place to training during their collegiate pause, or a gap-year athlete wanting to set themselves up for their debut into collegiate swimming. The program cost $400 a month for athletes but includes nearly 80 hours of training each month including a full spectrum strength program and world class training facilities.

“The College Contingency Team is our answer to many requests by swimmers for training opportunities in beautiful San Diego. We have selected highly experienced coaches to help take this team of athletes to the next level.” Marsh said. “This is such a unique opportunity for athletes to grow physically and mentally. We want to provide a high performance team environment for young college swimmers who are eager to reach their full potential.”

President of CSA, and former Tennessee Volunteer swimmer, Peter McVey said, “Our strategic alliance and partnership with Coach Marsh and his highly successful program is going to be an incredible opportunity for athletes, providing a clear path to success in the wake of athletic stagnation caused by the pandemic. There is one thing COVID-19 has taught us, we are stronger together. Our College Contingency Team will posture our swimmers for success moving into 2020-one Olympic Trials and beyond.”

Find more information about the College Contingency Team here.


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