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Great offer alert! 

Get a FREE month inside “The School of Fish” if you subscribe to any level of Commit Swimming annual plan by September, 15th 2019.


More on that offer in a second, first…

I’ve heard of Commit, but what is The School of Fish?

We all know swimming FAST can be hard and finding good coaching education can be limited by time & location – which is why Abbie invented “The School of Fish” – the world’s #1 online stroke school. 

Abbie Fish is a certified swimming technique genius. She didn’t say that… we (Commit) did. 

Abbie created The School of Fish to help swimmers all around the world – get faster.

The goal of “The School of Fish” is to break-down the technical details of each stroke to help YOU get to your goals FASTER, STRONGER, and MORE TECHNICALLY sound. 

By joining The School of Fish, you will enhance your foundation of knowledge and be better able to create personalized workouts for your swimmer’s strokes.

To learn more, visit:

Okay – So how do I get my FREE month?

You’re smart. You’re waiting for instructions on how to get your free month. 

Step 1 

Sign up for a free trial on

Step 2

Watch this video on how to write sets in Commit:–best-practices 


Writing workouts in Commit Swimming

Step 3

Think to yourself – “ah! Commit is amazing! I’m definitely going to use this to write my workouts this season.”

Step 4

Navigate over to your plan page inside of Commit Swimming and subscribe to an annual plan.

Step 5

Abbie will contact you with instructions on how to get your FREE access to “The School of Fish” 

Step 6

Also, realize that “The School of Fish” is amazing and that by using Commit Swimming and being a member of “The School of Fish” you will excel as a coach and your swimmers will excel as a byproduct of your awesomeness. After all, there is no such thing as bad teams, just bad leaders.

I’ve heard of Commit but please tell me more about what it does

Last year alone, Commit helped over 1,000 teams run over 30,000 practices. Watch this 2 minute demo to learn more:

Coaches using Commit notice 6 key benefits:

  1. More Organized
  2. Time Savings
  3. More Staff Synergy and Collaboration
  4. Better Training Quality
  5. Faster Swimming
  6. Increased Swimmer Engagement

Don’t take my word for it. Read on to see what other coaches are saying.

1. More Organized

  • “I’m definitely more organized”
  • “I am more organized and in control.”
  • “Practice is more organized. Easy to write workouts with the amount of time in practice”
  • “workouts run more smoothly”

2. Saves Time

  • “Having used TeamUnify in the past I like the simplicity of Commit, while still having powerful features”
  • “Saves time by calculating practice time and yardage easily”
  • “Commit offers the ability to prep and organize for practice which in turn allows me more time to interact with and coach my athletes.”
  • “It is user-friendly:-) and saves me a lot of time”
  • “Saves time!”
  • “Ability to log workouts has become a lot easier”
  • “Saves time by calculating practice time and yardage easily”

3. More Staff Synergy and Collaboration

  • ”It’s easy to write workouts and be able to have all our coaches access them.”
  • “Our staff is more organized and the seasons run more smoothly when they can not only see their season planned out but also track it daily.”
  • “Much easier to share workouts with other coaches, especially if you are off deck and have an assistant running the group.”
  • “With the whole coaching staff on commit really helps us streamline our workouts”
  • “Easier to share ideas”

4. Better Training Quality 

  • “It has been easier to address weaknesses in the training program”
  • “More organized, better practice structure and variety”
  • “My seasons have become much more analytical, in that I am better able to track yardages and efforts.”
  • “Better quality control of team programming & athlete development”
  • “Forces me to be more precise in my training plan.”

5. Faster Swimming

  • “The program broke 17 school records this season, and the top 4 most “talented” in the program amassed more than 40-lifetime bests between them so I believe commit allows me to see the big picture while writing a workout and make the workout challenging mentally, physically and also social.”
  • “It also has helped significantly with rest and taper by providing the stress score of the workouts. The stress score has definitely played a big role in our rest meets.”
  • “Workouts often don’t repeat, yardage is more consistent, tapers seems to work better.”
  • “More consistent performances across multiple seasons. The ability to reflect on and adjust sets over time.”

6. Increased Swimmer Engagement 

  • “Swimmers pay more attention to workouts”
  • “Swimmers are more engaged.”
  • “Athletes are interested in workouts”

If you want to be organized this year and gear up for your best season yet, begin your 10-day trial on Commit now.

And today, you get 1 FREE month inside “The School of Fish” if you subscribe to a Commit plan by September, 15th 2019!

  • *No credit card required
  • *Customize your own training terminology
  • *4 different plans. If you coach high school, club, college, elite, age-group, it doesn’t matter – Commit has a plan for you.

Swim Like A. Fish’s Mission

Swim Like A. Fish helps swimmers and coaches get to the next level through our online, technique-based resources. Our goal is to help you understand what you need to do to swim LESS like a “Seahorse” and more like a “Sailfish”. 

P.S. A seahorse is the world’s SLOWEST fish and a Sailfish is the world’s FASTEST.


About Commit Swimming

Commit Swimming puts you, the coach, in control. Save more time writing workouts with Commit. Say goodbye to notebooks and clunky software.

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