Champion’s Mojo Podcast: Top-10 Episodes for 2020; Penny Oleksiak Tops List

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Champion’s Mojo Podcast: Top-10 Episodes for 2020

The final download numbers are in. We present to you the most popular swimming episodes of 2020 from the Champion’s Mojo Podcast, a weekly podcast for the swimming community, offering interviews with the most elite swimmers and coaches in the sport. Hosts Kelly Palace and Maria Parker have published almost 100 episodes and have more great guests coming in 2021. Click on the show title to listen to the top ten of 2020 from the Champion’s Mojo Podcast

1-Penny Oleksiak: Growing from Gold, Episode #88

The desire to succeed can outweigh other advantages or challenges — and Canadian Olympic gold medalist Penny Oleksiak shares this philosophy and others with Kelly and Maria in this exclusive interview. The elite swimmer also talks about her recent pairing with the Phelps brand of swimming apparel and gear.

2-Lilly King & Cody Miller: Training Partner Power, Episode #87

Friendships don’t need to be overly sentimental or obviously well-matched to be a good fit, as elite American swimmers and training partners Lilly King and Cody Miller share in this exclusive interview with Kelly and Maria. The pair discuss their unconventional ways of motivating each other and how their training partnership has improved their swimming and lives.

3-Teri McKeever: Exploiting Your Strengths for Success, Episode #79


Teri McKeever; Photo Courtesy: Peter H. Bick

Trailblazing swim coach Teri McKeever has earned an astonishing number of achievements on the Olympic and collegiate levels, and she says that recognizing strengths and working hard to maximize them is a path to success. She also advises her swimmers to be creative in how they train and perform in order to reach their goals. Listen in as she shares these and other champion insights with Kelly and Maria.

4-Elizabeth Beisel: Finding the Silver Lining, Episode #53

Three-time Olympic Swimmer, a USA Team Captain, broadcast journalist and author of the new book, Silver Lining, Elizabeth Beisel gives an authentic interview on what she’s been up to lately — and she gives some great advice to those looking to make the next Olympic Team. She also shares her champion’s take on competitiveness, mindset and traits she thinks champions share.

5-Cullen Jones: Breaking Barriers, Episode #85

The responsibility of success is to ensure others have opportunities, too. Olympic gold medal swimmer Cullen Jones talks to Maria and Kelly about his competitive drive as an athlete and the organizations he is part of that strive to improve representation in sports. Tune in to this exclusive interview

6-Greg Meehan: Confidence can be Built, Episode #86


Photo Courtesy: Dan D’Addona

Confidence is not intrinsic for everyone but can be developed with small steps and consistent habits. Elite coach Greg Meehan joins the show and talks with Kelly and Maria about how he motivates collegiate and Olympic athletes while maintaining work-life harmony.

7-Todd DeSorbo: Relentless Effort, Episode #91

Reckless abandon, relentless effort and intestinal fortitude are phrases champions, like Todd DeSorbo and his athletes, live by. And Todd Believes that building relationships and learning as much as you can about, and from, those around you boosts camaraderie, fun and success. College head swimming coach Todd DeSorbo talks with Kelly and Maria about his approach to cultivating fun and accomplishments at UVA and in life.

8-Kara Lynn Joyce: How to Trust Yourself, Episode #81

Taking the time to listen to your inner voice can lead you to the best, most authentic decisions. Olympic swimmer Kara Lynn Joyce talks with Kelly and Maria about how she avoids a “people pleasing” mentality to truly follow her heart.

9-Ryan Murphy: Talks Dealing with Pressure, Episode #67


Photo Courtesy: Mine Kasapoglu / ISL

What is the best way to productively deal with pressure? Olympic gold medal backstroke swimmer Ryan Murphy joins hosts Kelly Palace and Maria Parker to talk about how he deals with pressure in his life, both in and out of the pool.

10-Leah Smith: All Out and Having Fun, Episode #51

Do you have the guts to take an endurance race out hard and hold on? Leah Smith does. You’ll love listening to Leah’s tough mindset and her thoughts on racing and life. An Olympic gold medalist, World Champion and multiple-time NCAA champion, Leah is known by her teammates as a joy to be around. You’ll be inspired by this fun and genuine interview.

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