Carmel Coach Chris Plumb Joins Brett Hawke Podcast to Discuss Vast Success

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Photo Courtesy: Peter H. Bick

Carmel Coach Chris Plumb Joins Brett Hawke Podcast to Discuss Vast Success

Carmel Swim Club head coach Chris Plumb is the latest guest on the Inside with Brett Hawke Podcast, where he talks about his coaching success at USA Swimming gold medal club Carmel Swim Club and Carmel High School in Indiana. His girls team has won 35 straight Indiana state titles, with the latest coming this past weekend. Plumb’s appearance on Hawke’s podcast will be released on Monday morning.

Plumb went over his early days in coaching and how he landed at Carmel as well as his inspirations in coaching that has helped him find his current success. Plumb went over his scientific approach to the sport of swimming (7:00) and how and why he breaks up his training cycles for his groups in blocks.

Chris Plumb’s high school teams have had tremendous success in his tenure, and he explained how he got them to buy into the system each and every year (12:00) that has led to sustained and greater success, including expanding the swimmer’s horizons to the national level. Since 2009, the Carmel girls teams have won nine of the last 11 public school national titles by this publication, including six overall national titles in seven years from 2011 – 2017. He explained how the high school team’s success starts out with the club team (15:40) and how he incorporates drill work at a young age so swimmers can move in a way that will help them in the water.

Plumb explained the expectations for kids entering the high performance group at Carmel Swim Club (16:45) and what the swimmers get out of it when their careers are done. He went over his dryland plan for his athletes (24:00) and how he teaches them how to move so they can translate that to the water as well, believing that land flexibility is just as important as pool flexibility.

Chris Plumb explained the similarities and differences between coaching boys and girls at the high school level (34:00) and how the pandemic has affected that this season. He expressed his desire to stay in Carmel and explained the plans for new facilities in the future.

Carmel High School recently won its 35th straight Indiana girls state title this past weekend, and also placed Wyatt Davis and Jake Mitchell on the 2019 World Juniors team for the United States.