Cammile Adams, Hali Flickinger Head to Rio in 200 Butterfly

Photo Courtesy: Peter H. Bick

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Cammile Adams will return to the Olympic Games in the 200 butterfly after she touched first in 2:06.80. That time moves her up to seventh in the world this year.

Hali Flickinger led at the 100 meter mark. She added to the Georgia Bulldogs extraordinary success this week with a second place finish. She touched in 2:07.50, the 14th best time in the world this year.

Sixteen year old Cassidy Bayer of Nations Capital wound up third with a 2:08.68.

Ruby Martin finished fourth in 2:09.96. Christina Bechtel was fifth with a 2:10.54.

Katie McLaughlin came up short of an Olympic berth after recovering from a neck injury all spring. She was sixth in 2:10.87.

Kelsi Worrell finished seventh in 2:11.85.

Despite being in third at the 150 meter mark, Hannah Saiz touched eighth in 2:11.88.

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Photo Courtesy: Omega Timing