Australian Olympic Committee Clears Nick D’Arcy to Compete at Olympics

SYDNEY, Australia, February 21. THE Australian Olympic Committee has announced that Nick D'Arcy will still remain as an eligible athlete to be chosen for its Olympic roster heading into the 2012 London Olympics, according to the Australian.

D'Arcy, who declared bankruptcy after being hit with $180,000 in damages in a civil case lodged by fellow National Teamer Simon Cowley, had been questionable as a potential pick for the team. The bankruptcy was brought into question as whether it disqualified D'Arcy from eligibility to make the team, and the AOC has decided that it does not.

"(Swimming Australia) has clearly considered Nick D'Arcy's bankruptcy and advised the AOC they have not changed their endorsement of Nick D'Arcy's shadow-team membership," the AOC released in a statement. "Accordingly, he is eligible for selection to the Australian Olympic team should he qualify and be nominated."

This saga began back in 2008 when D'Arcy assaulted Cowley after making the 2008 Beijing Olympic roster for Australia, which ended up in him being kicked off the team. Four years later, D'Arcy is being given a chance to become an Olympian.

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