Aussie Open Water Team Selected for Barcelona

SYDNEY, May 8. AUSTRALIAN Swimming today officially announced a team of eight competitors to represent Australia at the 2003 FINA World Swimming Championships Open Water competition in Barcelona.

Leading the team on his third successive World Championship team will be 24-year-old Campbelltown veteran, Mark Saliba who will be joined by men, Grant Cleland (NSW), Josh Santacaterina (NSW) and Brenden Capell (QLD) with the women’s team made up of Chloe Abbott (NSW), Trudee Hutchinson (QLD), Shelley Clark (NSW) and Melissa Benson (WA).

The Aussie Open Water Champs were held last at the Broadwater Spit on the Gold Coast, Queensland.

Placings in the three events were as follows:

Women 5km
1. Chloe Abbott (TOONGABBIE, NSW) 1:00.23
2. Trudee Hutchinson (REDCLIFFE QLD) 1:00.23
3. Nicole Hunter (TATTERSALL'S TAS) 1:00.30

Men 5km
1. Grant Cleland (The Hills, NSW) 54.09.00
2. Josh Santacaterina (Nepean, NSW) 54.43.20
3. Travis Nederpelt (Perth, WA) 54.43.72

Women 10km freestyle
1. Trudee Hutchinson (Redcliffe QLD) 2h 01:50.09
2. Catherine Ware (Burnside, SA) 2h 01:50.41
3. Chloe Abbott (Toongabbie, NSW) 2h 03:46.00

Men 10km
1. Mark Saliba (Campbelltown, NSW) 1h 51:20.00
2. Grant Cleland (The Hills, NSW) 1h 51:32.00
3. Josh Santacaterina (Nepean, NSW) 1h 51:33.00

Women’s 25km
1. Shelley Clark (Gosford Stingrays, NSW) 5h 25:28.00
2. Melissa Benson (City of Perth, WA) 5h 28:42.00
3. Marisa Oppedisano (Melb Vicentre, VIC) 5h 32:53.00

Men’s 25km
1. Mark Saliba (Campbelltown, NSW) 4h 58:06.00
2. Brendan Capell (Commercial, QLD) 5h 00:23.00
3. Josh Santacaterina (Nepean, NSW) 5h 13:39.00