Swimsuit Company, Agon, Making Medical Gowns at Factory in Spain


In response to the COVID-19 crisis, Agonswim.com is now making disposable medical gowns at our factory in Spain. These surgical gowns are being produced for local nursing homes and other first line medical staff who are in desperate need of personal protective equipment.

Agon disposable gown press release-2

Swimwear factory in Spain now making medical gowns; Photo Courtesy: Agon Swim

We know that there are a lot of questions right now about whether there will be summer swimming this year. In addition to making medical gowns, Agon is still producing team suits & gear, so we’ll be ready when your team starts swimming again. Because Agon hopes we all get to swim this summer!


About Agon

Agon Sport LLC is in the athletic apparel, accessory, and equipment business. Currently, our customers include swimmers, water polo players, lifeguards, divers, synchronized swimmers, triathletes, cyclists, runners, and rugby players.  Agon creates value for athletes by creating high quality, custom-dyed athletic apparel.  Agonswim.com is a company created by swimmers for swimmers.   Our name, Agonswim.com, refers to a little known Greek god who represents the spirit of self-actualization through athletic competition.







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  1. Lisa Crowley Walls

    That’s fantastic news! Rafa has always been a kind and generous man. I knew him years ago when he started Agon. It’s great to hear he is helping the world.💕

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