800 Free Relay Prelims Line-Ups Announced; Ryan Lochte To Anchor For USA

Photo Courtesy: Peter Casey-USA TODAY Sports


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The relay line-ups have been announced for prelims of the men’s 800 free relay.

Great Britain enters with the fastest seed time and will swim the combination of Stephen Milne, Robbie Renwick, Dan Wallace, and Duncan Scott in heat two.

The men of the USA will highlight the first heat with the second fastest seed of the morning. Texan teammates Clark Smith and Jack Conger will swim first and second, before transitioning to fellow college star Gunnar Bentz. Olympic veteran Ryan Lochte will anchor the prelims swim.

Australia’s relay team will be led by Daniel Smith before transitioning to newly minted gold medalist Mack Horton. Jacob Hansford and Thomas Fraser-Holmes swim the third and fourth legs.

Jordan Pothain will lead France’s relay, ahead of Gregory Mallet, Lorys Bourelly, and Damien Joly.


  1. Brazil (Altamir,, L; de Lucca, J; Pereira, A; Nilo, N)
  2. Spain (Martin Martin, V; Duran Navia, M; Puig Garrich, A; Sanchez Torrens, M)
  3. Poland (Switkowski, J; Korzeniowski, P; Klich, K; Majchrzak, K)
  4. USA (Smith, C; Conger, J; Bentz, G; Lochte, R)
  5. Netherlands (Dressens, D; Stolk, K; Schwietert, B; Brzoskowski, M)
  6. France (Pothain, J; Mallet, G; Bourelly, L; Joly, D)
  7. South Africa (Brown, D; Rousseau, S; Justus, C; Bosch, D)
  8. Italy (D’Arrigo, A; di Giorgio, A; Belotti, M; Detti, G)


  1. Denmark (Nielsen, A; Skaaning, D; Dahl, S; Westermann, M)
  2. Russia (Dovgalyuk, M; Andrusenko, V; Lobintsev, N; Krasnykh, A)
  3. Belgium (Croenen, L; Dekoninck, D; Vanluchene, E; Surgeloose, G)
  4. Great Britain (Miline, S; Renwick, R; Wallace, D; Scott, D)
  5. Australia (Smith, D; Horton, M; Hansford, J; Fraser-Holmes, T)
  6. Germany (Vogel, F; Heidtmann, J; Rapp, C; Biedermann, P)
  7. Japan (Hagino, K; Ehara, N; Kobori, Y; Matsuda, T)
  8. Hungary (Bernek, P; Kis, G; Gratz, B; Kozma, D)