(Video Interview) Tyler Clary Provides Deep Insights After 200 Backstroke Semi-Final

Photo Courtesy: Griffin Scott

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From an outside perspective, 2012 Olympic gold medalist Tyler Clary may have gotten off to a rough start in the first few days of trials. He was one position away from the Olympics in the 200 freestyle and – by his own admission – had a rough 200 butterfly following. However, if there is one thing Clary knows it is that “the world is so much bigger than swimming.”

With that said, Clary does have a legitimate chance at making the team in the 200 backstroke. He qualified third going into finals after a 1:55.92 semi-final swim and feels confident that he can make the 1:54 range in tomorrow’s finals.

In the following interview, Clary discusses how he “did what he wanted to do” in the 200 backstroke and how – to refocus for the event – he took his whole family go-carting yesterday for a reset.

The interview ends with some Clary taking an introspective look at his own view of the sport of swimming.