2020 CSCAA National Invitational Championships: Coronavirus Curtails Meet

Akron swimmers cheering. Photo Courtesy: Mid-American Conference

The 2020 CSCAA National Invitational Championships got underway on Thursday at Cleveland State University in Cleveland, Ohio. Spectators were not permitted to attend the championships as a precautionary and preventive measure against further spread of the coronavirus.

Further, the remaining days of the championships got cancelled due to the preventive actions being taken against the coronavirus.

2020 CSCAA National Invitational Championships Details

Women’s 200 Free Relay

Akron’s quartet of Sarah Watson, Morgan Waggoner, Sofia Henell and Jackie Pash took top honours with a time of 1:30.64. In second place was the team from Rice at 1:31.28. San Jose State’s team finished third at 1:31.69, meanwhile Washington State’s team took fourth and CSUB finished fifth.

200 free relay cscaa

Men’s 200 Free Relay

The Air Force team (Matthew Lattin, Isaac Gwin, Andrew Limpert, Corey Shepard) clinched the victory in a time of 1:19.00. In second place was the team from CSUB with a time of 1:20.05. Miami (Ohio) finished third at 1:20.30. Cleveland State finished fourth and Oakland finished in fifth place.

men 200 free cscaa

Women’s 50 Fly

Sarah Watson of Akron took the win with a time of 23.58. Autumn D’Arcy of CSUB finished in second place with a time of 24.09, meanwhile Paulina Nogaj of Akron took third at 24.15. In fourth place was Kate Afanasyeva of UNLV with a time of 24.28, Hannah Mclean-Leonard of Wyoming and Madison Howe of Rice took joint fifth at 24.30. Brittany Bui of Rice (24.57) and Hannah Robins of Marshall (24.67) rounded out the top eight swimmers.

women 50 fly cscaa

Men’s 50 Fly

Dominic Poletta of Cleveland State finished with top honours at a time of 21.14. In second place was Brayden Love of Wyoming with a time of 21.20, meanwhile Piotr Sadlowski finished third (21.32). Filip Svedberg of Old Dominion finished fourth (21.59), Loren Gillilan of CSUB finished fifth (21.59), Bryan Chavez of UNLV finished in sixth (21.171). Mack Flowers of Oakland took seventh (21.76) and Danylo Hrebelnyi finished eighth at 22.05.

men 50 fly cscaa

Women’s 50 Breast

Sara Gyertyanffy of FlU finished with top honours with a time of 28.02. Lauren Burckel of Washington State took second place in a time of 28.20, meanwhile Akron’s Andrea Fischer finished third at 28.34. Taylor Grebnhorst of FIU took fourth (28.39), Paula Garcia of Akron took fifth (28.44), and Sheridan Schreiber of TCU finished sixth (28.56). In seventh place was Kate McDonald of Tulane (28.81), while Delaine Goll of FIU finished eighth (28.87).

women 50 breast cscaa

Men’s 50 Breast

Sam Willstrop of UNLV finished in first place with a time of 24.34. In second place was Vitauts Sillins of TCU with a time of 24.52, meanwhile Peter Durisin finished third at 24.58. Ryan Geheb of Oakland finished fourth (24.82), Grant Sloan of Wyoming finished fifth (24.85), and Christian Bart of Oakland finished sixth at 24.95. Fu Kang Wong of Bryant took seventh place at 24.98, meanwhile Ryan Board of Binghamton finished eighth (25.26).

men 50 breast cscaa

Women’s 500 Free

Brooke Travis of Virginia Tech finished with top honours at 4:47.40, while Stephanie Hussey of FIU finished second at 4:48.00. In third place was Katelyn Blattner of Wyoming with a time of 4:48.61. Akron’s Brooke Lamoureux took fourth at 4:50.43, while Loulou Vos of Virginia Tech took fifth (4:51.36) and Mikayla Popham of CSUB finished sixth (4:52.30). Sally Clough of TCU finished seventh at 4:53.16 and Claire Therien of Rice finished eighth at 4:53.35.

500 free women cscaa

Men’s 500 Free

Brennen Doss of Virginia Tech finished first with a time of 4:21.85. Dusan Babic of TCU finished second with a time of 4:22.41, meanwhile Christopher Mykkanen of UNLV finished third (4:23.80). In fourth place was Timmy Kubacki of Cleveland State (4:27.09), meanwhile Keith Myburgh of Virginia Tech finished fifth at 4:28.57. In sixth place was Hayden Hemmens of UNLV (4:29.11), in seventh was Danylo Hrebelnyi of Oakland (4:29.81) and in eighth was Rudy Aguilar-Fernandez of Oakland (4:31.09).

men 500 free cscaa

Women’s 50 Back

Kate Afasayeva of UNLV finished with top honours with a time of 24.79. In second place was Lucia Endolz Romero of SIU with a time of 24.94. Molly Hogg of Boise State took third at 25.27, meanwhile FIU ‘s Michaela Trnkova (25.34) took fifth, Zoe Woods of TCU took fifth at 25.43, and Athena Salafatinos (25.67) finished sixth. Jordyn O’Dell of Marshall finished seventh at 25.73. Zoe Spitz of Rice took eighth place at 25.84.

women 50 back cscaa

Men’s 50 Back

Forest Webb finished in first place swimming for Virginia Tech with a time of 21.62. In second place was Marko Khotynetskyi of Oakland with a time of 21.98, meanwhile Adam Cernek of SIU took third at 22.34. Richard Szilagyi of UNLV took fourth at 22.52, while Rasmus Pedersen of TCU finished fifth at 22.61. Joao Andrade of TCU finished sixth at 22.88, while teammate Radu Duican finished seventh at 23.21. In eighth place was Brady Torborg of USD with a time of 23.29.

men 50 back cscaa

Women’s 200 IM

Sarah Watson of Akron emerged victorious with a time of 1:57.53. Susan LaGrand of Oakland finished second at 1:58.99, while Camila Lins de Mello of Miami finished third at 2:00.78. Washington State’s Taylor McCoy finished fourth at 2:01.14, Akron’s Jackie Pash took fifth place (2:02.20) and Emily Giles of Wyoming finished sixth at 2:02.44. Mackenzie Duarte of Washington State finished seventh at 2:02.90, meanwhile Mira Selling of Delaware finished eighth at 2:03.49.

women 200 im cscaa

Men’s 200 IM

Dylan Eichberg of Virginia Tech finished in first place with a time of 1:45.15. Kristopher Rogic took second place with a time of 1:45.48, meanwhile Loren Gillilan took third at 1:48.81. In fourth place was Colton Phelps of Oakland with a time of 1:49.22, while Vitauts Silins of TCU finished fifth at 1:49.32. Hayden Cornellison of UNLV finished sixth (1:49.93), Andrew Rodriguez of Wyoming finished seventh (1:50.38).

Women’s 50 Free

Sofia Henell of Akron finished with top honours with a time of 22.77. Kate Nezelek of Rice finished with second place honours with a time of 22.81, meanwhile Paulina Nogaj of Akron finished third at 22.82. Chloe Larson of Washington State took fourth at 22.85, Katie Colwell of Oakland finished fifth at 23.12, and Morgan Waggoner of Akron took sixth at 23.15. San Jose State teammates Gabby Heng (23.18) and Maddy Sailors (23.22) rounded out the top eight swimmers.

women 50 free cscaa

Men’s 50 Free

Dominic Poletta of Cleveland State took home top honours with a time of 19.91, while Cole Grosshans of MIOH finished close behind for second at 19.96. Matthew Lattin of AFA finished third with a time of 20.02, meanwhile Corey Shepard of AFA finished fourth (20.18) and Grant Sloan of Wyoming took fifth place (20.28). Andrew Limpert of AFA took sixth at 20.38, Richie Campbell of CSUB finished joint seventh at (20.39) along with Parker Harp of Old Dominion.

Women’s 400 Medley Relay

Taking first place was the team from Akron with a time of 3:34.94. Florida International finished second at 3:38.31, whereas Oakland finished third at 3:41.00. Rice took fourth place with a time of 3:41.59, and TCU finished fifth (3:42.15).

Men’s 400 Medley Relay

UNLV’s team finished in the top spot with a time of 3:10.52. TCU finished second touching the wall at 3:11.05, meanwhile Oakland finished third at 3:12.18. In fourth place is CSUB at 3:12.64, meanwhile Old Dominion finished fifth at 3:15.53.

The rest of the championship meet has been cancelled as a preventive measure against the spread of the coronavirus.

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