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Time is Ticking: India's Water Crisis will Come to a Head in 2020

By Proteeti Sinha, Swimming World College Intern. As swimmers, water is our haven. As humans, water makes up over half of our body composition. As living creatures, water is absolutely necessary to life as we know it. An integral part of our daily lives, water is often taken for granted until it is ...

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2019 Speedo Sectionals Austin Day 1: Longhorn Aquatics Dominates

The first day of competition for the 2019 Speedo Sectionals at Austin, Texas kicked off this evening at the Lee and Joe Jamail Texas Swim Center with the Longhorns and the Aggies each winning three individual events apiece. On the men's side, the Longhorns are in first place, 56 points ahead of the ...

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Feeling Blue? Go for a Swim for These 6 Mental Health Benefits

By Proteeti Sinha, Swimming World College Intern. Researchers have found that swimming promotes both physical and mental well-being; this isn't news to anyone who regularly frequents the pool deck. But there are additional benefits that you may not be aware of that extend beyond the obvious. The inc...

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The History of Butterfly: Then and Now

By Proteeti Sinha, Swimming World College Intern. Some swimmers say that if the worst pain you've ever experienced is a broken heart, then you haven't swum a 200 fly. The ­butterfly is typically considered to be the most challenging of all four strokes – it demands endurance, skill and synchronicity...

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Distance Greats Through Time: Female Edition

By Proteeti Sinha, Swimming World College Intern. While sprinters swim one, two or four lengths of the pool, distance swimmers often swim up to 30 lengths of the pool for one race. That’s a lot of swimming and a lot of staring at the black line. Even though it can sometimes get boring, distance swim...

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5 Memoirs That All Swimmers Should Read

By Proteeti Sinha, Swimming World College Intern. We all can agree that swimming is the best sport in the world. We also know that many athletes enjoy reading as a way to enrich their minds and draw inspiration. What better way to engage with your favorite sport while motivating yourself to achieve ...