2019 Speedo Sectionals Santa Clarita Day 4: Brea Aquatics Dominates 200 IMs

Kenisha Liu; Photo Courtesy: Peter H. Bick

The 2019 Speedo Sectionals at Santa Clarita had its concluding session tonight. The last events of the meet included the 200 IM, 50 free, women’s 800 free, men’s 1500 free and the 400 medley relays. Several close race finishes filled in the final day.

The 200 IM titles went both to Brea Aquatics figures Kenisha Liu and Michael Tenney. This helped their team to finished second in both women’s and men’s team scores, as well as an overall first place in the combined team scores. La Mirada Armada topped the women’s team scores, while De Anza Cupertino Aquatics finished first on the men’s side.

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Women’s Top 10 Team Scores

  1. La Mirada Armada (1546)
  2. Brea Aquatics (1426.5)
  3. Crow Canyon Country Club (1153.5)
  4. Gaucho Aquatics (549)
  5. Quicksilver Swimming (533)
  6. Canyons Aquatic Club (478)
  7. Riverside Aquatics (449)
  8. De Anza Cupertino Aquatics (380)
  9. San Jose Spartans (376)
  10. Diablo Aquatics (304)

Men’s Top 10 Team Scores

  1. De Anza Cupertino Aquatics (1014)
  2. Brea Aquatics (1005)
  3. Roadrunner Aquatic (675)
  4. Quicksilver Swimming (635.5)
  5. La Mirada Armada (570)
  6. Orinda Aquatics (494)
  7. Tritons Aquatic Club (478)
  8. Canyons Aquatic Club (432)
  9. Alto Swim Club (381)
  10. Crow Canyon Country Club (363)

Women’s 200 IM

Versatile swimmer Kenisha Liu from Brea Aquatics went home with the victory as she clocked 2:16.01, leading the field by over four seconds. Chino Hills Aquatics’ Teagan O’Dell got the silver with a 2:20.07. Ana Jih-Schiff from Crow Canyon Country Club finished third with a 2:20.56.

Closely after, Tina Reuter from Tritons Aquatic Club placed fourth (2:20.83), followed by Beach Cities Swimming’s Jamie Brennan (2:21.44) and Brea Aquatics’s Sabrina Bennani (2:21.61).

Chanell Kann from De Anza Cupertino Aquatics (2:24.63) and Torero Aquatics’s Kailyn Evans (2:25.68) rounded up the championship final.

Men’s 200 IM

Winning his fourth individual title of the meet Brea Aquatics’s Michael Tenney brought it home in a 2:04.04. Robert Moseley from Roadrunner Aquatics placed second with a 2:06.31, followed by California Aquatics’s Benjamin Hayes who clocked 2:06.53.

Tri Valley Aquatics’s Cole Reznick came in fourth (2:06.62), Matthew Driscoll from De Anza Cupertino Aquatics finished fifth (2:07.62) and Tritons Aquatic Club’s Zack Reuter placed in sixth. The seventh and eight place belonged to Hunter Lane from Fresno Dophins Swim Team (2:08.33) and Tritons Aquatic Club’s Ivan Kurakin (2:10.73) respectively.

Women’s 50 Free

Kenisha Liu from Brea Aquatics was the only swimmer below 26 seconds. She picked up her last individual win with a 25.91. Victory Aquatics’s Mya Jackson went home with the silver with a 26.45 and Kailyn Winter from Quicksilver Swimming came in third in a 26.55.

Gaucho Aquatics’s Emily Ward placed fourth (26.91), followed by Gabriella Heng from San Jose State Spartans (27.00) and Quicksilver Swimming’s Ella Mazurek (27.03). Bryn McGowan from Gaucho Aquatics (27.16) and Torero Aquatics’s Kailyn Evans (27.57) completed the top eight.

Men’s 50 Free

Orinda Aquatics’s Spencer Daily continued with momentum after his last night win in the 100 fly. He won the event in a 23.25. Zachary McIntyre from Marin Pirates came in second with a 23.60 and Felix Chiun from De Anza Cupertino Aquatics got the bronze in a 23.68.

The fourth place went to California Gold’s Rylan Stevenson (23.70), followed by Richard Campbell from Roadrunner Aquatic who got fifth (23.76).

The championship final also included Tyler James from Tritons Aquatic Club (23.92), Andrew Cox from Bakersfield Swim Club (24.08) and Diablo Aquatics’s Gavin Wight (24.12).

Women’s 800 Free

Liberty Williams from Riverside Aquatics was the only swimmer below nine minutes. She touched first by over ten seconds in an 8:55.21. Gaucho Aquatics’s Emily Boggess came in second with a 9:05.94 and Kathleen Sulkevich gave La Mirada Armada the bronze with a 9:10.07.

Cami Collins from Bay Club Aquatics placed fourth (9:10.98). The fifth, sixth and seventh place went to La Mirada Armada’s Nicole Salladin (9:11.90), Maelynn Lawrence (9:14.49) and Rosalee Mira Santa Ana (9:16.23) respectively. Eleanor Horst from Canyons Aquatic Club also swam in the fastest heat of the event (9:16.82).

Men’s 1500 Free

Mason Romantic gave Boulder City Henderson Swim Team the title with a 16:12.89. Quicksilver Swimming’s Mason Carlton went home with the silver in a 16:14.42, while Kennan Hotchkiss from Westside Aquatics finished third (16:55.23).

La Mirada Armada’s William Schodorf came in fourth (16:19.63), followed by Michael Wheeler from Orinda Aquatics (16:22.19) and Piranha Swim Team’s Cody Meyer (16:26.38). Joseph Purdy from Boulder City Henderson Swim Team (16:29.46) and BlueFin Aquatics’s Andrew Navarro (16:31.17) completed the top eight.

Women’s 400 Medley Relay

Brea Aquatics did it again with Makayla Poloni, Jacqueline Basham, Kenisha Liu and Ariel Wooden clocking 4:15.41.

Kaitlyn Yee, Amelia Feick, Catherine Sanchez and Courtney Tseng from La Mirada Armada went home with the silver (4:19.98). The third place belonged to Abriana Howard, Ana Jih-Schiff, Alexis Depaco and Bailey Hartman from Crow Canyon Country Club (4:22.16).

Men’s 400 Medley Relay

Jolen Griffin, Anthony Moore, Spencer Daily and Michael Wheeler from Orinda Aquatics went home with the victory in a 3:48.91.

The second place belonged to Brea Aquatics’s Preston Planells, Thomas Long, Vincent Cheng and Michael Tenney (3:51.50), the team who anchored the fastest split (50.72). Roadrunner Aquatic’s Robert Moseley, Richard Campbell, Michael Hart and Ryan Brimer got the bronze (3:52.02).

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